The Bullying of Lady Gamers: It's Time To Stop...Really

Over the last few months the bullying of lady gamers has come to the pretty brutal head and it's time for us all to put it to a stop.
Ladies, men, children- not a single person benefits from this abuse- and the gaming community (especially the male gaming community) doesn't exactly shine for allowing the sexist minority to represent the gamer majority.

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zeal0us2202d ago (Edited 2202d ago )

Some gamers are immature and this isn't something that's going to stop anytime soon. Everyone is a target not just women.

I remember playing online once in a Halo match. Once the match ends I get bombarded with hate messages. Guess the guy figure out I block him so he jump on another account and start sending hate message all over again. All this over a melee kill from behind.

dark-hollow2202d ago (Edited 2202d ago )

Oh surprise surprise!
here's another article portraying gaming women as the "victim" from the cruel males!

give me a break! men, women, everybody got there share of bullying.

FLASH NEWS! douchebags will still douchebags regardless of your gender.