The Walking Dead FPS - Racism And Filth At It's Finest writes: At the risk of sounding "hipster". I liked The Walking Dead before it was cool. Back before AMC announced their intentions to release a blockbuster television series, I was following Rick Grimes and co. throughout the excellent series of graphic novels. Robert Kirkman's version for the zombie apocalypse was unique, not just for the comic medium, but for the zombie genre as a whole.

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hellerphant2203d ago

Not looking forward to this game at all......

acemonkey2203d ago

i dont see the big deal in racist games..we havent see gameplay yet...yes we know your playing a skin head but that doesn't mean his just running around screaming N word and killing black zombies..theres no need to start beating the game up just because the skin head brothers are going to kill zombies..just relax lol

DeadlyFire2203d ago

Racist people are very scared of other races. They need a cardboard box to hide in.

mafiahajeri2203d ago

Daryl is my favourite character hes the coolest guy. Happy they chose him...

SlapHappyJesus2203d ago (Edited 2203d ago )

I'll hold my opinion until I see how the game comes together. I don't really mind the characters. That's what they are, characters. At least they are . . . colorful.

I just don't see the need of this. Not everything needs to be a shooter. I thought Telltale were doing a fine job and actually complimenting the source material with their game. This, not so much. Still, it could very well end up a worthwhile shooter.

Hufandpuf2203d ago

He has a point. The sudio making the FPS game made the ghost busters game! Kinect star wars and def jam rapstar.

He's saying Activision doesn't give two craps about the series and hat the game will be a cheap cash in.

hellerphant2203d ago

Thank you, that is EXACTLY what I am saying :D

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