Disgaea Team's New Game Revealed in Dengeki

Project Arcadia and Project D aren't the only two Nippon Ichi titles in Dengeki PlayStation. The magazine also has details on the new game from the Disgaea team, "Kamisama to Unmei Kakumei Paradox."

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MacDonagh2019d ago

Keeping an eye out for this.

2019d ago
wishingW3L2019d ago

an angel dressed as a french maid and a generic school-boy. Couldn't they be more original than this? I mean, Disgaea series is super original but this is looking generic as hell.

andibandit2019d ago

not disagreeing with you but your problem has less to do with Disgaea, and more to do with JRPG's in general.

Hicken2019d ago

I'm disagreeing with you.

You see a couple of images and think you know ANYTHING about the game? If that's all it takes, virtually EVERY game is generic as hell based on a handful of images of two characters.

There isn't even a world to speculate on, so how the hell can you say it's looking generic?

tarbis2019d ago

I'll definitely look out for this. =D

r212019d ago

hey as long as it isnt some visual novel crap and something like makai kingdom or disgaea or phantom brave then im down. im hoping this is for the ps vita and maybe ps3 :D

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