Could Bully 2 be in development?

PSU writes: "Students, take out your notebooks: Rockstar's latest move is a textbook lesson in Canadian geography, and the result could mean a long-awaited return to Bullworth Academy. "

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Veneno2201d ago

Bully 2 should take place at a university! That waythey won't have to tone it down in language, violence, drug/alcohal use,sexual situations, etc.

Just think of all the cool activites youcould have

Joining a frat
Keg stand mini game
Taking classes
Playing pranks on the faculty
Having a shitty dorm
Spying on chicks
Part time job
Experimenting with drugs
Going to parties and trying to get laid

kingofgames86u2201d ago

Totally agree, I owned Bully for ps2, its a badass game and they should make a 2nd Bully game and keep making them for ps3 and xbox. They have to keep Jimmy in the game tho, dont know what some people would do if he isnt in the game

TheModernKamikaze2201d ago

Possible since Vancouver merged with Toronto, and they were the ones who developed Bully.

Bowzabub2201d ago

I don't know. I could be waiting to buy it though.