On The PlayStation Vita's Digital Past

There’s well over 300 PSP games available on PSN right now that are compatible with the Vita. There have been other consoles that have launched with a large catalog of backward compatible titles, but never have they been so immediately available as they are with the Vita. A simple download and you can have almost any PSP title available on your Vita, that’s something that hasn’t really been done before.

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MacUser19862196d ago

I like Sony, the Playstation brand the Vita hardware itself but lets face it it's already a dead system which is a shame.

smashcrashbash2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

You mean like how the 'experts' said the PS3 was going to be a dead system? Different system, same crap.No one ever learns. They just say the same crap every time. I am sure we will be back here with the PS4 predicting how much it will fail and how it's a dead system.

MySwordIsHeavenly2196d ago

It's not dead. It's actually starting to sell fairly well in Japan and Europe. The US is really the only hold-out right now. Gravity Rush was a good push in other territories. :)

I LOVE my Vita. You should get one, as well. There is so much to do on it!

Pointer: Download Star Wars: Battlefront II from the PSN. Thanks to the Vita's two analog sticks, it is now a twin-stick shooter!!! :D It's even more addicting now!

r212196d ago

if its dead, then why are people still buying vita games and the system too :L

a08andan2196d ago

Faulty headline. "On" is a grammatically awkward choice here. "About" or "Regarding" would be much better. Sorry for being picky, but didn't have time to finish my coffee this morning.

mxkite2196d ago

The vita is not dead sony's systems always have been long runners in the gaming world just give time to the system, it is not like nintendo they reach peak at the very beggining of the coimpetition then people get bored and discover that in fact all their products were another gimmick like the wii and the ds. And you know what happens next? people then buy a sony system =)