Halo 4 - The Year's Biggest Console Exclusive

Halo 4 looks primed to be the biggest and best console exclusive of 2012.

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Chuk51984d ago

I think it's hard to argue that it's not, if we are talking exclusives this year.

PockyKing1984d ago

Idk, I think Last of Us will be right up there with Halo when more marketing is applied. Halo 4 obviously has the bigger fanbase though. This game industry is gnna make a shit ton of money this winter though. Halo 4, Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, Borderlands..all multi million sellers.

floetry1011984d ago

Last of Us confirmed to be releasing in 2013.

PockyKing1984d ago

Ah man :/ Well guess I stand corrected then haha, Halo 4 is the year's biggest exclusive and my wallet will be begging for mercy come 2013.

slugg1983d ago

learns how to market more effectively....

darthv721983d ago

will halo 4 be as big of a seller as halo 3 was? Not knocking the series as i am a huge fan. I am just curious if it will sell to the same numbers as halo 3.

you have to admit that between 3 and 4 there has been ODST (a fine spinoff) as well as reach (a really good prequel). Both of which did really well in sales but nothing to the extent of Halo 3.

I guess it is because 3 was the 1st halo game for 360 so the "new-ness" (sorry) was a major factor. Plus the fact it was meant to be the finale of a trilogy that had gained a serious following.

I mean since the first release, the game had increased in sales each time. Not many franchises can do that. Usually in a franchise you will have a high point where either the initial game or one of its sequels is the top seller but then things taper off.

A good example is the GT series. That is a series where the next one released would sell more or less than the previous one. In the end it really shouldnt matter about sales but you know that will be the topic of interest.

Many will proclaim that if it doesnt sell more than the previous release then it will be deemed a flop. truth be told that this is a new series and should be able to stand on its own as the 1st of 3. Any sales comparison to the previous series is natural but I think people should just look forward to a new story and see where it goes from there.

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moparful991984d ago

Isn't it basically the ONLY big exclusive coming out this year? All of Sony's heavy hitters are coming out in 2013... So this statement is kind of Phishing for hits?

ape0071984d ago

yeah but halo 4 is the is Biggest

tehpees31984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

I argue that the best console exclusive this year is New Super Mario Bros U. Mario games are always fun. I know I'll like that more than Halo 4. But hey thats just me.

Just prefer platform games to shooters.

Cajun Chicken1984d ago

Looking so forward to this.

PtRoLLFacE1984d ago

well i don't know if it going to be the biggest exclusive console game this year, well it probably will, all i know is am going to play crap of halo 4 and borderlands 2 when they come out

wwm0nkey1984d ago

With Last of Us in 2013 Halo 4 doesn't have too much to compete with exclusive wise this year.

Can't wait to play it at SDCC this week :)

CommonSense1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

while i'm sure Last of Us will be a neat experience, and will probably sell pretty well, there is no way it would compete with Halo.

Last of Us will probably sell 2-3 million copies. Halo 4 will probably sell that many at midnight.

moparful991984d ago

It may sell a boatload but that doesn't make it the BIGGEST automatically.. Besides Last of us is 2013..

Angels37851984d ago

It wouldn't even compete with halo because it is not a direct competition is not really sales because neither game is multiplatform....the people who want either or both will get either or both...they aren't picking one over the other. Besides its also about quality (not saying either is better) and they both have quality.

CommonSense1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

i'm not talking about quality. i'm talking solely about sales. biggest means received positively by the most sales absolutely do matter. you can't call a game "big" if nobody buys it, therefore more sales = bigger.

i'm not sure why my comment is causing an argument. i didn't say one is better than the other. i just said halo will sell a lot more and therefore be a "bigger" game. doesn't matter when they launch, doesn't matter what system they are on, doesn't matter if they are "directly competing." all that we're discussing here are sales.

so, contrary to what sarshelyam (below) says, it is NOT subjective. this isn't opinion. it's just a matter of numbers. it will be the best selling exclusive in 2012, and that makes it the "biggest."

ZoyosJD1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

Biggest is still subjective to the individual. Could be sales, could be critic aclaim.

Considering that one is a new IP with no MP or Co-op being made by one of the most critically awarded dev teams ever and one is a classic MP centric multi million seller franchise being made by a new dev team, I think which game will take which title is for each.

I would love to see the Last of Us sell Halo numbers, and Halo 4 be aclaimed as well as Uncharted games, as both are sure to be worth any gamers playtime.

Anyways, I'm glad they are releasing at different years, it will give peoples pocketbooks some breathing room.

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Swiggins1984d ago

I'll see you at the con my brother.

mikemadden1984d ago

Not if 343 studios ruin the online for the game. I hear they are adding some COD elements in it. Thats not good in my book.

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