Total Worldwide Hardware Sales, 19th Jan 2008

VGChartz is reporting for Week Ending 19th January 2008, the American Chart was as follows:

Hardware Total:

DS 454,046
Wii 248,026
PSP 194,086
PS3 142,052
X360 128,899
PS2 124,267
GBA 5,802
GC 311

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resistance1003860d ago

Another week go's, another week the ps3 outsells the 360.

Also i notice the US gap is really begining to close

LightningPS33860d ago

You're only stating what you see in this weeks VG chartz.

gamesR4fun3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

if you listen real careful you can hear a fanboi disagreeing.

Good news for Sony but this is nothing with the big b/r win and the games this year will see nothing but growth. Who knows they may even give the wii a run for its money.

Sexius Maximus3860d ago

I have both a PS3 and a 360, so I'm as far from fanboy as you can get. However, the PS3 is barely scrapping by with more sales which is hardly anything to celebrate about. The PS2 had 90% of the market share last generation. Sony will be LUCKY if they end up with 40% this time around. The 360 is doing great, but the Wii is slaughtering all. It'll be interesting to see what happens at the end of this cycle. But as long as Sony and MS keep making great games, I really couldn't care who "wins." It's REALLY nice not having to be a fanboy.

LightningPS33860d ago

this week VG chartz estimates PS3 outsold 360 by 14k, so it's all good. Next week maybe it will 360 for the win. So now PS3 is screwed?

How can you live like?

mikeslemonade3860d ago

If Burnout sells 360 then you're correct but I don't see that happening. On TV the Burnout commercial is a PS3 commercial so it's basically a tie. The big difference is DMC4 which will sell more PS3 in Europe and in Japan, so DMC4 will literally hold the PS3's lead until March where that lead increases with Blu-ray and MGS4. Also MLB08 the show is an N4G favorite that realeases the same time as MGS4. I see the PS3 outselling 360 weeks by week through this generation. The only game that might be trouble is Gears of War 2, but lots of 360 fans were left with a bad taste after buy Gears 1. Just listen to video game outsiders podcast. All 3 host bought the game blindly based on hype and neither of them liked the game.

barom3860d ago

Also remember that the big titles for PS3 for 2008 isn't even out. Expect to see PS3 shine very soon (may be as soon as DMC4)

mikeslemonade3860d ago

DMC4 is like in the top 6 most anticipated games in Japan. It's only behind Dragon Quest, Resident Evil, Metal Gear, Gran turismo, and Final Fantasy.

captainjy3859d ago

Stop posting this garbage. VGChartz is only for the PS3 idiots to feel good about themselves until the NPD numbers hit.

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LightningPS33860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

PS3 is doing a bit better since the price dropped closer to 360.

Now all they need is $299 40GB and $449 80GB

match the $449, $349 and $279 sku's of XBOX 360.

What's Sony waiting for?

PS3 has some exclusives that I really want, but when? I expected Haze pretty soon. But delayed like always.

ruibing3860d ago

If I was on their board of decision makers, I would wait for the White Ceramic and MGS4 to come out right at the same time I made the price drop.

playinitcool3860d ago

I would drop the console price with either the release of either GTA IV or MGS but simultaneously bundle those games with consoles selling it at the current retail price.

Theres no rush, i doubt MS will have a price drop before Sony does, and vice versa.

Ju3859d ago

There won't be any 80G more. The only one in production is the 40G. So, yeah $299, that is - possibly soon.

None the less, if they want to connect to the PS2's success, Sony needs to double sales soon. Again, maybe an indication for a lower price. Outselling the 360 is nice, but nothing compare to previous sales.

Spike473860d ago

can anybody tell me the NPd worldwide numbers for december? I'm serious.

And what makes vgcharts more or less accurate than npd? What makes those who say Vgcharts is not accurate ,...accurate? I'm serious.

Well besides that looks like all consoles are doing good and the ps3 is beating the xbox360.

felman873860d ago

NPD is North America only

wil4hire3860d ago

They are always very close, but not exact to the dollar. So they are used as a good estimate.

They did it for december, google it.

jacobdevos3860d ago

vgchartz is REALLY accurate. there was a post on here before showing that for the most part it was within 1%. they pride themselves in their accuracy. they basically have ties w/ major retailers and get the numbers the same way NPD does

power of Green 3860d ago

All the markets clearly can not be added yet.

gamesR4fun3860d ago

what POG counting on Japan to pull your box up?

Genuine3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

VGChartz isn't an exact science. I imagine they use monthly sales trend data from retailers as well as calculated market growth for a huge part of their figures. They openly admitted they only have 1% of retailers giving them data, while NPD has around 60%. One hard spike or drop in sales would show that VG's numbers have been not much more than a lucky guess. How VG get's worldwide numbers cannot be very accurate either. To my knowledge there is no "NPD" in Europe, so there is no sales trend data. It would be interesting to find out how they get their european numbers.

feejo3860d ago

Hum this must be a error, lol. Go PS3 Go PS3.

power of Green 3860d ago

I seen a post saying Uncharted has sold 1 million copies, is if fake? or is VG wrong?.