Why I Think Hideo Kojima Visited Naughty Dog in Los Angeles

8bitfix writes: Okay, this is where we begin speculations. I'll start off with what we all want to believe.

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DaThreats2176d ago

For intel to improve his FOX engine
Get a more sneak peak into Last Of Us
Tell Naughty Dog the secrets plans he got for PSQ

FinaLXiii2176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

k lets pretend we all know PSO means so we can disagree on that @disagree spammers

paybackprahl2176d ago

I hope it was like a developmental "meeting of the minds" where these super skilled creators could mash ideas, on a technical and conceptual level.

jc485732176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

I don't know. Anything can happen, but I really want to know what the deal is. I mean, Kojima has been saying good things about Last of Us. I'm not too sure about MGSV, but that's not entirely out of question. If Naughty Dog is providing help, then this means MGSV is going to be another Sony exclusive title. Or, he is simply visiting to see the progress of Last of Us just to learn something.

Alright, since this is just speculation, I do want to add a little flavor behind Metal Gear. Do you guys remember when fans asked Kojima about "remaking" some of the older Metal Gear titles? He said that if that ever happened, he would like another developer to do the remake instead of his team. Most people thought of Naughty Dog when he made that comment.

miyamoto2176d ago

They are making a Dream Team Team collaboration for the ultimate PlayStation action game like Square, Enix & Akira Toriyama did for Chrono Trigger.

Obviously he is looking at the the Naughty Dog Engine 3.5 used for TLOU and its AI programming.

Mucudadada2176d ago

Wow - you people read into things too much. Devs visit other devs all the time - mainly to see workflow. It's a pretty open industry. But this is ridiculous.

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The story is too old to be commented.