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Bioshock was a game of its own kind. It shocked many players with twisted appearance and a unique world. Offering various ways to play the game, a single play through would not do it justice.

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Baba19062143d ago

wow, this review is early =D

egidem2143d ago

Early or not, Bioshock is still an awesome game. I'm reconsidering replaying the game actually. It's been quite some time since I last played the game.

joab7772143d ago

It is a 10 & one of if not my favorite game ever. It has so many elements that blend perfectly.

fallacious2143d ago

How'd they review a game that isn't even out yet???

Ser2143d ago

If that was sarcasm, you forgot the "/s" tag.

BioShock, the original, released on the 360 in 2007. It's been out for quite some time.

r212143d ago

you seriously could not detect the non seriousness of that comment :L

egidem2143d ago

The "/s" tag wasn't even needed. What he said was very straightforward.

Ser2143d ago

I don't care if it was straightforward or not. lol

No "/s" tag means no sarcasm. You people are defending too hard. Calm yourselves, boys.

NastyLeftHook02143d ago

imo its a 7 at best, but still a good game.

Stretch2143d ago

I'm quite bi-polar about it.

The aesthetic, voice acting and music great. But the combat is clustered and obnoxious, you CAN NOT DIE, the enemies are crude and uncharismatic and a lot of it doesn't make any sense. Why am I the only one who uses multiple weapons and plasmids? What makes me so special?

NastyLeftHook02143d ago

I feel the same way about the combat, It feels so bland and fake.

st-BiOZ2143d ago

replayed it last week. some parts had me wanting more but it dragged on towards the end. too repetitive

the story and everything else is great though, i really like the concept of Bioshock. one of the funnest & most memorable gaming experiences I've had in a long while.

ElementX2143d ago

I thought old reviews weren't allowed?

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