The next Uncharted may have melee weapons

Richard Diamant Uncharted Interview Part 3:

Patrick: In your original Uncharted trailer, Drake wielded a gun and a metal bar. Were you intending to allow Drake to use other objects in his melee combat? Could we expect this in a future game?

Richard: Yes and hopefully. That was always our intent from the beginning. Again, there was a time issue. We really wanted to focus on the main mechanics and that one fell by the way side. It is something that we all still want and will probably be trying very hard to incorporate into the second version. So, who knows? Keep your fingers crossed!

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neogeo3776d ago

The difference will be like RFOM1 to RFOM2 our jaws will hit the floor when the first scans hit, and Xbots will say its not real its CGI!
Then the game will come and blow the bots away. Then the bots will buy a PS3.

zambrota3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

no matter wherever you go in France they seem to be talking only about Uncharted.

same goes to Spain,Germany,Italy and even UK

Sayai jin3776d ago

I hopeit does have the melee function in the 2nd game. It will add to what will be an amazing game!

@zambrota-How do you know that they talk about inall of those countries? This game sold over 500,000 copies in the EU, very impressive. I can not comment about the other countries in the EU, but in Germany, where I have been living for a few years now,they do not talk about the game as much as you stated. Well at least not in my area.

QuackPot3776d ago

Keep those idiots out of the PS Nation.

Open minded gamers are welcome for sure.

games4fun3776d ago

i'm pretty sure if it has most of the same gameplay mayble a little online or something then churn out another awesome story presented well and ill buy

who am i kidding ill instabuy just based on the original

Nostradavis3776d ago

If it has melee weapons and the ability to crouch, I will buy 4 copies.

Cutter203776d ago

I thought uncharted was ok-- didn't care for the whole shootout, puzzle, shootout, puzzle thing... the cutscenes were ok, I guess... but is melee weapons really what the series needs?

Baba19063776d ago

its not like this will be the only new thing im very sure they have other improvements to offer. i really enjoyed the first one. cant wait for the second.

Twizlex3776d ago

Wow, melee weapons. Didn't we have those in the 80's?

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The story is too old to be commented.