New Turning Point demo is Hour of Victory in New York

Today, Xbox Live released the new demo for Turning Point: Fall of Liberty. Sarcastic Gamer got their hands on it for an in depth review and did not like what they saw.

From the article: "I also have to note that, at the end of the demo, when you finally make it to street level, you broke into a cut scene showing massive destruction of Mid-town Manhattan. It was very 9-11ish. Just an FYI..."

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GamerSigma3745d ago

I actually had moderately high hopes for this game...

LGFreedom3745d ago

the first five minutes are pretty good, to look at, but the game play and controls are a total mess.

Jack Bauer3745d ago

ill buy it in the bargain bin, not as bad as hour to victory imo, but still not as good as i was hoping for

JSA-Gamer3745d ago

Damn, I was really looking forward to it.

Martini3745d ago

Played the demo and it blows.

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The story is too old to be commented.