Review: Ys Origin (darkzero)

"I love how the PC is allowing people to embrace its gaming history by constantly getting older titles updated to work on newer hardware and operating systems. Places like Steam open up a new world for recent PC gamers to dabble in these relics. Lately, it has also given gamers the opportunity to play previously Japanese only videogames in full English. Ys Origin (released in 2006 in Japan) is one of those titles that never saw the light of day outside of Japan. That is until Xseed got the rights to release the PC version on Steam, and now here we are with this respectable English translation of an action RPG series that sure has its fair share of fans. If you’re one of these fans, you’ll be happy to finally get to play and fully understand Ys Origin in all its splendour, and without any hiccups. Yippee!"

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Fierce Musashi2147d ago

Never herd of this. After watching some gameplay videos I might pick this up.

Domstercool2146d ago

If you like your action old school, fast and challenging then you'll most likely enjoy it.