Max Payne 3 developer Rockstar Vancouver closing its doors

Grand Theft Auto developer Rockstar Games announced some major changes to its Canadian game studios: Namely, that it's dissolved Rockstar Vancouver, the lead studio behind Max Payne 3, to refocus its efforts on another Canadian studio, Rockstar Toronto.

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DaThreats2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

Max Payne 3 was a Failure to 2K
And they had made the game Bully as well!

PockyKing2142d ago (Edited 2142d ago )

No, this is a misleading title, the doors are closing and the studio is being merged in Ontario with the Toronto studio, with all the developers at this studio being offered jobs there.

LonelyAngel2141d ago

It still doesn't make it easy for the people working there... it is on the other side of a very large country. I'm sure that while some people will move with the company, others have roots in Vancouver that they cannot break.

SilentNegotiator2141d ago

Lonely Angel is so right. If your Californian boss said, "Hey, we're moving to Chicago! Pack your bags!"....a lot of your co-workers would go....."uhh....what?" ;.

It's not that simple for everyone. Friends, family, community, ask someone to give that all up for the same pay a thousand miles or two away...

Army_of_Darkness2141d ago

But fuck it, I would do it! cause there is no way in hell i would give up a position at rockstar!!
also, I live in Toronto, so whoop whoop!

PockyKing2141d ago


Of course it won't be easy, I'm sure most of those employees's families are there etc. But if the job pays well and game development is your passion, I wouldn't want to lose that job.

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nrvalleytime2142d ago

Horribly sad day. Vancouver Rockstar was maybe the best studio the company had - hope all these people are able to find work elsewhere.

GillHarrison2141d ago

They were offered to move to the recently built, larger occupancy building to house Rockstar Toronto.

Pandamobile2141d ago

Still, uprooting an entire studio sucks ass.

They can either lose their job, or move 3000 KM away to a new city.

PS3Freak2141d ago

They are faced with a difficult decision.

Lose their job and stay in Vancouver to look for other work.


Move to Toronto *shudders* and keep their job.

Vancouver - Toronto is such a massive downgrade.

TronEOL2141d ago

You got that right. Most beautiful city in the world to cement jungle.

Not to mention they most likely have family there, and I doubt they're going to want to move from the far West Coast to the East Coast.

cool cole2141d ago


Yeah, and not to mention the Maple Leafs suck where as the Canucks are actually good.

ThatsGaming2141d ago

Or they could join Microsoft or EA Vancouver.

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Hufandpuf2141d ago

They are relocating and expanding the team, not firing them. Max Payne 3 was a success.

GuyManDude2141d ago

True, but the distance between the two is nearly the equivalent of moving from LA to NY. Not an ideal situation to be in.

It could be worse though: their studio could have been moved to the US.

Whitefeather2141d ago

They were such a success that they are merging them in a bigger building and they are hiring even more people!

user77927882141d ago

I hate people who put misleading titles

xursz2141d ago

You can say that again.

user77927882141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

I hate people who put misleading titles

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