This is undeniably the best fan-made trailer of Far Cry 3

DSOGaming writes: "Now this. This is F’ing brilliant. This is how game trailers should be made. YouTube’s member ‘Jimmie Russell’ created an amazing fan-made trailer for Ubisoft’s upcoming FPS title, Far Cry 3. Obviously, Russell got tired of all the dubstep music that accompanies the latest game trailers and decided to dub a scene from Far Cry 3′s E3 demo. The end result is spectacular and we’re pretty sure you’ll love it. Enjoy!"


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aviator1892054d ago

Haha, that was actually pretty awesome.

princeofthabay2054d ago

the voice actor sounds the same.

GirlsGeneration2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

Lmfao! That was awesome. He's not a fan of dubstep i see lol

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