"PES 2014" will feature Fox Engine

Appear as the first news of PES 2014! Adam Bhatti, the WENB, published in a forum official information on future editions of PES

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2227d ago

Can't wait to see! I have been meaning to get back into football games.

MacDonagh2227d ago

I knew it! With that new engine; they could really take back their crown as best football game on consoles.

JKelloggs2227d ago

Sounds promising

Saying that, I've never been a fan of PES because of the lack of licencing, and I've always felt that FIFA has always felt smoother and had a better play style, I hope the new engine combats that, and it could be then a true contender in my books.

1nsomniac2227d ago

How many times are they going to say this. They claimed 2013 was going to use the Fox Engine!

pompombrum2227d ago

Fans have been claiming new engine since pes 2007

They'll mess it up no doubt.. they just can't compete with the resources EA have.