9 games Sony needs to sell more PS Vitas

PSU takes a look at the games Sony needs to help sell more Vitas. It's hard to ignore the relatively slow pace for Vita game releases, but these titles and popular franchises could just help Sony reach that 10 million unit by end of fiscal year goal.

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Snookies122145d ago

Elder Scrolls will never happen. I love the games, but Bethesda seriously does not like Sony, that's just evident. Borderlands 2 could happen though, there's a petition up that everyone needs to go sign to get Sony to make it happen!

GribbleGrunger2145d ago

It depends on how quickly they can implement Gaikai on the Vita. If they can do it pretty quickly we'll be playing the PC version, which is the least buggy version

yabhero2144d ago

What worry me able that list is that about a quarter of those games are coming to the main competitor, the 3DS.
Call of Duty 3DS is coming, a big Kingdom hearts just came out and Monster Hunter 4 is a 3DS exclusive right now.
Those other games need to appear to boost vita sales to 10 million, by then however 3DS will be at like 22 million or so, but I don't think anyone is expecting Vita to beat 3DS, I mean 3DS just needs some shooters to round out the larger library, plus it has almost a year head start.
I personally like both Vita and 3DS and want see them do well. I just got a PS3 so I can't get a Vita now. If they drop price I'll pick it up.

Malice-Flare2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

it needs more games made for it only, not just the back catalog, period...

piroh2145d ago


ports will never sell good, i hope publishers got it

brand new Gran Turismo (with career mode)
new GTA
new Resident Evil
new Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest
more racing and sport games for european gamers
more FPSs and action games for american gamers
more JRPGs and adventures for japanese gamers

i'm glad they covered american market for holidays with CoD and Assassins creed but what about us? i don't want new NFS because there is no singleplayer

pixelsword2145d ago

New IPs wouldn't hurt, either.

belac092145d ago

final fantasy and kingdom hearts would do it some good. resident evil too.

miyamoto2145d ago

these games are okay but where are the games for the little kids?

Veneno2145d ago

Call of Duty Black ops is coming.

UnitSmiley2145d ago

@ Veneno

Rofl, that made me laugh xD

psp2roundup2145d ago

Quite a few developers haven't shown up with projects yet that were in the original NGP dev list... http://psp2roundup.blogspot... - wonder if they'll show up soon?

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