The Last Story Coming Out Tomorrow, July 31, August, What?

NIck Tan: The Last Story confounds me once again. Remember that this is the Wii RPG that came out in Japan almost a year and a half ago to critical acclaim, and then for some reason skipped a North American release and launched in Australia and Europe in late February this year.

We're not completely certain why it's taken this long for the title, created by former executive producer for the Final Fantasy series Hironobu Sakaguchi and composed by Nobou Uematsu who shouldn't need any introuction, to arrive in the States. It was supposed to be July 10, or at least that was the target date. There was no official announcement, but the days kept rolling along as if tomorrow was going to be it—the veritable swan song for the Wii would be sung.

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EcoSos32201d ago

Its been mark for July 31 for like a month now, I notice it when they move it from June 19 to July 10 and then to July 31.

pixelsword2200d ago

I wonder if the dev crew is in financial trouble, because Final Fantasy was named as such because they all thought it would be their last game because they were about to go out of business.

Now I see this game called "The Last Story"...

DivineAssault 2200d ago

This game i have paid off already.. I really want to play this... Xenoblade was decent (i didnt care for the voice acting too much) but was good none the less.. I think ill like this one a lot more.. ever since this guy left square, the FF series hasnt been the same