1up: Halo 4 Hands-On: That Old Familiar Feeling, Now With a Call of Duty Twist

Halo 4's visuals are a drastic improvement over Reach. The game runs at a silky-smooth frame rate, and I never experienced a hitch during my time with the game. Player models are incredibly detailed, the weapon redesigns have a sophisticated edge, and (though they all look like they're slathered with a layer of specular lighting) the Spartan models and various armor permutations never fail to impress with their complexity. The craftsmanship on display in Halo 4 is impressive.

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Primal Rex2176d ago

Let the CoD flame wars begin

ChunkyLover532176d ago

Oh lordy, they added a grenade indicator...guess they are making it too much like Call Of Duty now. Time to cancel my pre-order! /s

Seriously though, Call Of Duty didn't invent anything. A lot of this stuff was made popular by the COD franchise, but wasn't invented by it.

kamanashi2176d ago

I didn't realize there was a grenade indicator. Though, it does make sense for a Spartan, especially with them being in the 4th generation now.

AO1JMM2176d ago

I see no CoD related content.

iNFAMOUZ12176d ago

cod imo isnt an arguement never was Halo is still king of fps's

dexter116282176d ago

is anyone else getting tired of the CoD comparison in Halo? I never quite got why Halo and CoD fans argue so much

ALLWRONG2175d ago

different kinds of games too.

dillydadally2175d ago

No kidding! Bubbles to you dexter! Honestly, there's a whole bunch of people out there that enjoy both games and think all these rivalry comments are kiddy.

dexter116282175d ago

thank you. in all honesty, i am a huge Halo fan and i have only played CoD 3, but i think that they are both great games in their own rights. but they are two completely different games with two different playing experiences. Its like comparing apples to oranges, and it really just comes down to personal tastes.

dillydadally2174d ago

Exactly! They are two completely different types of gameplay, and usually those who don't like one or the other just don't get one of the types of gameplay.

For example, I hated Halo at first. In CoD, my favorite thing to do was to sneak behind the enemy team and take them all out before they could react. It was a huge rush of excitement and hugely fun. Than in Halo, I would try that and would end up getting killed and tea bagged without getting a single kill because the first guy I started shooting would alert them to my presence if the radar didn't and than the whole team would turn around and shoot me. I thought it was stupid. Than after I started playing with some friends I realized this was to add an amazing team dynamic that CoD could never have. Playing Halo as a team, calling out locations, focusing shots as a team to dominate - it was a completely different but perhaps even more fun style of gameplay.

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