Will You Play a Game for Food?

How far will you go to get a snack? The people in this video seem to be willing to do anything. A snack machine in the middle of a town squares offers visitors a chance to win a free prize pack of food by playing a game. Checkout the dedication of some of the people below. You might be surprised. Maybe some Kinect should do something like this for advertisement purposes!

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shackdaddy2146d ago

Lol. That's pretty awesome :)

PockyKing2146d ago

Free food and building some muscle by clicking a button ten 5 thousand times haha. I would not have the patience for this.

ThatKanadianKid2146d ago

I hope it was good food haha

karlowma2146d ago

Lol, nice! I can't believe that chick stuck it out 5000x. Some of those dancers were pretty decent.