Are We Screwing Over Future Generations By Taking All Of The Best Domain Names And Gamertags?

Lisa Foiles: There is a serious epidemic going on that all of us are ignoring, and it's been bothering me for quite some time. I don't care about mercury in the water, toilet snakes, or swallowing my own tongue anymore. This is a far worse threat to society.

Now, I realize it's risky this early in the game to start quoting Radiohead songs, but I'm concerned that we are leaving future generations high and dry, depriving them of the ability to reserve their desired usernames, domain names and gamertags because we are snatching them up for ourselves without giving even a single, solitary crap.

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MacUser19862019d ago

I secured my gamer tag nine years ago so I'm happy.

nukeitall2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

I secured two Gamertags and PSN ID each, both which I use. They are identical across both services, but I use one of the id's more than the other.

The nice thing about XBL is that they recycle the names after a long period of dormacy. Of course they will never recycle a paid subscription. On top of that, I find XBL suggest plenty of random, but good gamertags.

One of them I think was something along the lines of relatedcorn. Not great, but easy to read and didn't sound completely lame!

edit: In retro-spect I wonder if only people that pay for XBL Gold should be able to choose a name. Then you avoid squatters similar to how domain names are squatted on. All these great domain names, just being sat on waiting to be bought at premium cost (think tens of thousands of dollars)!

OneAboveAll2019d ago

Who cares? I live for now... not for kids in the future.

NCAzrael2019d ago

To quote the (IMO) best SNL Jack Handy short: "I believe in making the world safe for our children, but not for our children's children, because I don't believe children should be having sex."

NinjaSp33d2019d ago

Really this gotta be a joke right LMAO

KingOfArcadia2019d ago

OMG what about air? Are we saving enough air for the kids of the future? I mean, all I do is breathe air all day long, and so do all my friends. What will happen when it all runs out? Won't somebody please THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!

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