This is why people camp in Call of Duty

Many gamers who have played a Call of Duty game online have been left wondering why they are all infested with campers. Are the players that are drawn to this franchise simply cowards who are afraid of any type of confrontation?

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ATi_Elite2083d ago (Edited 2083d ago )

Cause they SUCK!!

Also some COD modes promote camping!!!

I don't camp but some prefer to do it so i just stab them in the back of the head with my knife!!

Then talk trash about them on the chat!!!!

Megaton2083d ago

I remember when I was active in CoD4 there was sooooo much moaning and groaning about camping and Martyrdom. You know how to destroy campers? Learn the map. If you know where they're likely to hide, then you know you can get the drop on them.

Hicken2083d ago

Because the maps are poorly designed, and the players who camp suck. If the maps were better, it might force crappy players to get better, but since they can stand in one spot and get kills, why should they improve their skills?

Oschino19072083d ago

Find a new excuse, because that's all it really is.... They purposely block many lines of sight and fill in many many corners with debris and objects to cut down on camp friendly areas. You can't totally remove it unless you make a totally wide open map with no cover. Besides there are so many tools at your fingertips to help find them, take them out, and prevent them from getting to or taking over an area that could be used to camp.

Don't blame the game for you being lame, if you play the game lame then it will be lame. Knowing how to use all/most styles and when is the key. Keep your eyes open, ears listening for others and for the love of god use your radar along with map knowledge to zone in on people.

Hicken2083d ago

Whether or not I, in particular, camp, doesn't stop others from doing it. And, frankly, the maps ARE crap. Any time you can stand in one spot, have others stand in a few other spots, and watch the other team repeatedly spawn in front of you as you pick them off- from a position where they need luck to even see you, let alone get off a few shots and take you down- there's a problem with the map design(the spawn system as well, in that case).

Doesn't matter if they block "many lines of sight," because they're leaving too many open. Or rather, they're leaving the wrong ones open. Corridors where the only way to get down it is to pass this little cranny over here where somebody likes to hide. When I play, which isn't often, I play Hardcore, so no maps. Which means I COULD toss a grenade into that corner, but I could be potentially killing a teammate just as easily as an enemy.

Overall, the game encourages camping, which is weird, since it's supposed to be a hair-trigger type game.

I think it's funny that me complaining about the camping, or about the maps being crap, means I suck at it. That's always the excuse for people defending what's wrong with the damn game. "It's not bad. You just suck at it."

solidworm2083d ago

Because it is a game for noobs and non gamers.

BraveToaster2083d ago

Because the game encourages camping with killstreaks.

Oschino19072083d ago

What about support streaks? And many objectives counting towards streaks? Along with taking out others streak rewards counting towards your streak?

BraveToaster2082d ago

I'm guessing that's stuff they added in Modern Warfare 3 which I didn't really play. I put about 10 minutes into it during the free weekend on Steam.

azazel6652082d ago

Yeah, the article kinda says that. lol