Opinion: Sega Is The Best Company Of This Gen

Digibred writes: "One group sits positively in my mind. Beyond not releasing some games earlier, and a few other very small issues, Sega is my favorite company. Here's why."

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ThePsychoGamer2176d ago

I kinda have a hard time agreeing, they brought so many great games this gen, binary Domain, a TPS that could go toe to toe with genra heavyweights like Gears of War gameplay wise. Bayonetta, by far the best action games this gen (so far). Valkryia Chronicals, such a great and unique experience. Yakuza 3, with great game and the best story I've seen this gen. Yakuza 4, A game with some of the most memorable characters I 've ever seen. and quite a few other great games. I find it hard to say they have been the best this gen, just because of how bad a couple of there games where (See Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). )

Break the locks.

zeeshan2176d ago

I miss Sega in the hardware business! I know this is impossible but I still wish and dream of a Sega console in the future! DAY 1 FOR ME!

mcstorm2176d ago

I agree and I think the only way this would happen would be if Microsoft picked them up to push to get a foot in the Japan Market. I still have my dreamcast and it is one of the best consoles I have owned.

DA_SHREDDER2176d ago

If they release skies I might find them competent this gen. Even if it's just a HD remake not a sequel. But to say they are the best this gen, on what platform? The pc? I still can't believe phantasy star online 2 isn't gonna be on this gen consoles?! Even if it's on the Vita im still really surprised.

iamlegend99992176d ago

da hell? What drugs are you on and can i have some?

StarFox2176d ago

'_'.........???????? "scratches Head"

UnitSmiley2176d ago

Did totally fall in love with Valkyria Chronicles on ps3...then they made the next 2 for psp, and didn't even localize the last one.

Kurt Russell2176d ago

Sega kickstarted this gen for me with condenmed on the 360. That was an excellent title. It's a shame condenmed 2 was ballbags.

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