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Square Enix: “No New Information” To Share On Final Fantasy Versus XIII

The latest issue of Game Informer has dedicated a full page timeline to the game, chronicling what little details Square Enix has shared about FFvsXIII from its first unveiling six years ago to E3 2012. The timeline concludes with a statement Square Enix shared with the publication last month.

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Irishguy951482d ago

Ah...well, it's not like they are gonna share with Game informer before the do with Famitsu and the likes.

Hope for TGS gameplay trailer/date etc. But not surprised if it ain't there.

Abash1482d ago

Whatever they have to share, it'll probably be at TGS or some other special event

zeeshan1482d ago

You know what? Screw SE. I am done with them for good.

PshycoNinja1482d ago

I actually have a feeling that something might show up at Square Enix's Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary party in Japan...

Capt-FuzzyPants1482d ago

Is there a date for that? I've been wondering why I haven't heard them doing much for the 25th anniversary

PshycoNinja1482d ago


"Square Enix will host a Final Fantasy art gallery in Shibuya ward, Tokyo later this summer in celebration of the series’ 25th anniversary.

The company plans on showing Yoshitaka Amano artwork, development materials, various other objects, and will host stage events.

On August 31, Square Enix will open the gallery to those with early access. On September 1 and 2, the general public will be allowed entry."

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zeddy1481d ago

they're too busy making ffx13-3 and 4 to finish versus.

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DaThreats1482d ago

Fire Wada
Not new information

-MD-1482d ago

Ok, don't take my money.

Godmars2901482d ago

Oh please. At this point they're the only game company that has to earn it. As far as I'm concerned anyway.

Kamikaze1351482d ago

Oh how I wish I could be in charge of the project. I would say things like "Yes, today I can confirm that grass is confirmed to make an appearance in Versus XIII" or "Clothes will play a major role in preventing characters from being nude in Versus XIII"

Hellsvacancy1482d ago

I know, youd say something wouldnt you, keep the interest alive etc

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The story is too old to be commented.