Woman Receives Death Threats for Confronting Misogynist Game Designer

GR: "A feminist has become the target of threats of physical violence for her confrontation of the game designer who made the game in which players brutalize Anita Sarkeesian."

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-Mezzo-2082d ago

Ahh, F'ed up people everywhere.

Pushagree2082d ago (Edited 2082d ago )

I only did a quick google of this Anita Sarkeesian woman, but her wikipedia description indicates that she probably deserved to have that game of her made. I'm all for women's right and all, but most feminists are just plain hypocritical and bigoted. Go to any feminist forum/blog and youll find out what I mean. They want to blame all their problems on men and say they are all evil when it's pretty clear that they are the ones causing thier own problems.

"Needless to say, Guthrie isn’t taking the threat of violence sitting down and has since reported the incident to the Toronto Police."
Are you serious? They won't do anything about it. If I had a dime for every death threat i've ever got on the internet...

clearelite2082d ago (Edited 2082d ago )

Not certain who are more absurd, the feminist and her minions, or the people harassing them.

ImpliedDeception2082d ago

Funny, I googled her as well, and didn't find anything anywhere that had anything bad to say about her. She really seems to be getting a lot of hate for covering something that's important to her... What, based on what you read, suggests to you that she probably deserved this?

Glowing article from Kotaku on this woman and her project:

hazelamy2082d ago

it's attitudes like yours that are the reason feminists exist in the first place.

was it women that decided they shouldn't be allowed to vote?
no that was men.

was it women who decided they should get less pay for doing the same jobs?
no, that was men.

ArronC072081d ago

"They want to blame all their problems on men and say they are all evil when it's pretty clear that they are the ones causing thier own problems."

Only someone who doesn't understand what feminism is would say something as dumb as this.

Feminism argues that society is structured in a way to unfairly advantage middle class men first. Post-modernist feminism (where such theories as Queer Theory originate) argues that such structures are self replicating and that we all, including feminists themselves, actively create these conditions and perform our gender roles, in other words gender is performative.

The fact that you have so many agree votes in support of your contention that Anita Sarkeesian deserved to have that game made about her when all she's done is raise questions about gender representations* in our favourite pass time kind of proves the overall point. It also underlines the fact that many people who trot out your rather tabloid understanding of what feminism is have a rather fragile and fractious sense of their own gender and its wider role in post-modernity.

Frankly, no she didn't deserve to get what she got. It was at best purile and childish and at worst deeply and personally offensive and Steph Guthrie did not deserve the death threats for simply offering support for Anita Sarkeesian. The police in UK actively prosecute such acts and I hope they come down on the perpetrators with a ton of bricks.

Basically it's time to grow up guys.

*this aside from the fact that exploring the potential representations of gender in a medium that requires you to perform a role that isn't your own from an understanding of gender as performative could be quite an interesting and valuable study.

Pushagree2080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

I never said anything about feminism. I was talking about individual feminists, which give it the bad name it has today. Feminists relate to feminism in the same way PETA relates to animal rights.

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jc485732082d ago (Edited 2082d ago )

We need a game hero to teach those low life gamers a lesson. How does Kazuya from Yakuza sound? The minute you start sending death threats, you are really asking for a beating of a hell time. Only worst of all losers use death threats.

Skateboard2082d ago

People love hiding behind their computer screens and acting like dirtbags, nothing new.

adorie2082d ago (Edited 2082d ago )

That's okay, though. Super Big Bros. are here. (government and facebook)

TopDudeMan2082d ago

There's no excuse for that. Even if you're having a bad day.

kB02082d ago

Let's stop discrimination by bitching some more about it.

Ppl need to let things bounce off them, ever since I was a kid...what happened to I'm rubber your glue?

Is everyone glue now?

Man up!

If that offended you, woman up?

Glue ppl need to find their own planet and bitch there.

"I'm looking to a bitching free EARTH"

Human Analog2082d ago

Did you actually read the entire article, and the Twitter screen caps? Threats are real man. There have been countless examples of stalkers, and threat makers actually making good with their motives. There is NO excuse for this kind of behavior. Lest you forget.... http://www.franksreelreview...

What if this was your sister, or mother, or wife? Would you just ignore it, and say "boys will be boys."?

Anon19742082d ago (Edited 2082d ago )

They are manning up. They're reporting these incidents to the police. It takes a lot of courage to stand up to this type of harassment. Physical violence and threats of physical violence should not be tolerated. That's how it starts. How would you like it if it were your friends, family, children living in fear?

First they take to the chat rooms, the internet and start harassing people. Gays, women, minorities, etc. Then they start threatening abuse against these same people. Then they get away with it, and it escalates from there.

In Canada, where this happened, you're looking at 1 1/2 years for this type of offence. Even in the US, threats of violence aren't covered under the first amendment. I'm sorry, but the idea that this women should just "man up" and shrug off death threats - that's just stupid. I suppose when these same nut jobs actually follow through she should just laugh that off as well?

Skateboard2082d ago

You are bitching right now X D fail.

kB02082d ago

You pull a gun I will too.:)

It's time the bitched at become the bitchers:)Hopefully 1 day it will cancel each other out;)

kB02082d ago

Oh I'm not against the reporting, I'm against the feminism (also against anything that guilt trips ppl into position).

I agree 100% that dirt bags deserve everything thats coming to them. I would take it a step further and also beat the bad out of them, but I mean not everyone sees my views.

I have full respect for what they did, but don't respect what they do.


I hope this settles the argument.

Have a good one!


Stop the guilt trips and the history lesson, I was born in 1988. I don't know racism, I don't know sexism. Schools and whiners taught me more about those things than I knew.

ArronC072081d ago

People like you give the internet, intellectual enlightenment, gamers and men a bad name.

Human Analog2081d ago

So being born in 1988 gives you an excuse for being ignorant? Racism, and sexism still exist today. If you paid more attention, and spent time in the world, with a broader collection of people you might be surprised.

kB02072d ago

@ human analog, it doesn't give me an excuse to be ignorant, but I don't care enough to make it my problem.

My point about 1988 is the fact that I wasn't born in a racist or sexist house and I learned all about these stupid things in school. I don't care what happened in 1988 and lower. Not my F*cking problem, you want to bitch about it? Go to the Now Seniors or Gravestones and bitch there.

I don't want to get stopped on the street about Black History month or I girl crap. I don't bother them, why should they bother me about other ppl that are doing that to them?

@ ArronC07

Ppl like me have balls and put my foot down. I don't cave into these things, and neither should I bullied into supporting these groups. Men are bad, it's true and only because women make them bad by maniuplating them.

Remember the saying "man is a candy in a woman's Petri dish"?

It's true.

I respect women, and have friends that are a wide varied of cultures races and even weight types. None of which tell me everyday by how as a white male, I need to start feeling sorry for the actions of my forefathers.

I'm sorry my forefathers were busy trying to stay alive in Communism.

Thanks, get over it and understand that life is way better now than it has ever been, be greatful.

Fight the power, I agree, but stop bringing everyone into your problems.


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