THQ cancels games, cuts revenue expectations

THQ will most likely not be releasing any new titles in the Acclaim and Atari-originating series spawned by Juiced and Stuntman respectively. The decision regarding the driving games was revealed in a message to investors today and blamed on poor performance of the franchises' THQ retail debuts.

THQ also cancelled the PlayStation 2 version of Destroy All Humans: Big Willy Unleashed leaving it to the Nintendo Wii and PSP. Stranger still, the PlayStation 3 version of Frontlines: Fuel of War has been officially axed. Continuing the bad news for gamers, THQ closed its own development studio known as Concrete Games, which was working on an unannounced title that will not be crafted.

The publisher also shaved $40 million of its revenue expectation for the quarter ending March 31, leaving it at it at approximately $200 million. Under-performance by Ratatouille, Conan and Stuntman: Ignition will cost THQ $20 million.

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