Next Guild Wars 2 Beta Wave To Include Asura And Sylvari

GR writes: "Guild Wars 2 has had a couple of successful beta waves already and they've been a lot of fun. But only three of the total five races have been included. Thankfully, the next beta weekend will include all of them."

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alexcosborn2201d ago

Looks like a promising MMO. Hopefully it won't be overshadowed by the upcoming WoW expansion.

bwazy2201d ago

Yes I'm certainly sure that a bunch of Kung-fu Pandas (copy right cough cough cough) can derail the best MMO ever created.

But seriously though, even if it does, the only people going back to WoW would be the die hard players, which frankly, I would not miss one bit in GW2.

Spinal2200d ago

Best mmo ever created? That games not out yet dont be so fanboyish.

What u said was retarded.

Im loving GW2 and pre ordered my digital deluxe edition Charr Warrior my main. As awesome as it is. Ill also be playing mist of pandaria on my Ret Paladin an have an Human Monk as an alt.

Some people if not most will be playin both get over it.

Lilioups2201d ago

how can the the best mmo created till now can be overshadowed by the worst expansion blizzard has ever created in the video game industry ?

go back to wow and catch some pokemons we dont give a fck about your 1 pixel piece of trash mmo

Spinal2200d ago

Your comment is even more retarded than the other guy. See my reply above^

JonnyBigBoss2201d ago

I'm so excited for this game. My only issue with the beta is the performance. I hope they iron it out!

rdgneoz32201d ago

They've been using the stress tests and beta weekends to work on the performance and get feedback on various things. They basically said they were using the betas to nail down a release date. They didn't want to ship a broken or buggy game like what happens with many games today.

lordoftheflies2201d ago

Finally! waited for that since the first BWE and allready got a idea how my character could look like ;)
my sister just got her Key with headstart too from mmoga, so we can play our sylvari asura team *.*