Should Sony Cut the PlayStation 3's Price Again Now?

Matt Peckham from PC World writes:

"It really depends on who you talk to or when and where you think the endgame's lines are going to be drawn. Sony's been rather mendacious, and it knows this, about how it sold the PS3 in the system's first six months. Punditry about the company's arrogance aside, there's no denying Sony's game plan rested almost singularly on the popularity of its PlayStation brand."

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Mr_Kuwabara3773d ago

Well I personally believe that $400 dollars is a reasonable price for the many features that the PS3 have. But let's face it, Sony really isn't gaining profit at least with there 40gb console (It's not losing nor gaining) and Sony is also a company that tends to gamble with there consoles (as in they tend to sell it cheaper but they cost a lot more for Sony to produce them) so if I was Kaz or whoever makes the decision of a price cut, I would do it.

I would sell it for $299.99 right when MGS4 shows, cuz that way, even if I'm losing $100 I will gain more in software (and not to mention other products from the Sony brand, PS2 for example) and Sony was actually losing $200 for every PS3 console when it first launched so $100 isn't something impossible for them to do since they've taken even bigger risks in there console lifetime/dominance.

But right now, there really isn't a "OMG I must have this game!!!" showing up for a few months so Sony should wait until those show up to really take a huge tactic approach to this price reduction. (If they do one that is)

ionace3773d ago

Good points and lets not forget that with the 80Gb console, that I think most people would buy for $399, they wouldn't be losing any money at all. So ya I think that if they wanna make 08 really a remarkable year then they should do another drop.

IntelligentAj3773d ago

They probably feel that the sales over the holiday vindicated the $400 price tag. I would love another price cut but if they're breaking even or making a profit on each system then i don't think they'll do it. If MS cuts the price then yeah it'll happen.

LightningPS33773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

It's do or die for PS3 in 2008.

If they don't get any third party respect this year, it's gone for the rest of this gen.

PS3 needs all the hardware and software sales it can get to earn the respect of third party developers. Without the respect of third parties, you're nothing.

Synex3773d ago

Yup Sony is completely clueless on what they are're so smart!

pwnsause3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

well when you think about it, rumor has it that warner Has a opt-out clause in their contract stating that if sony doesnt sell an appropriate amount of BD players sold , they'll go back to multi-format, so in order for sony to do that they need to have a price cut on ALL BD players especially the PS3. I think its going to happen soon. but anyway this guy is full of Sh#t. because of BD, we are getting games like Killzone 2 and FFXIII, yet he leaves this out and states "had Sony instead sold the PS3 with an optional Blu-ray..." I stopped reading there. i'll approve anyway, I wanna know what people think of this BullSH$ter

mintaro3773d ago

sony should lower the price of the PS3 when the heavy hitters launch, namely MGS4 and GTA IV

Synex3773d ago

I don't know about that, Sony won't need much help selling the PS3 when those games are being released. They should drop the price during long dry spells like the summer.

rogimusprime3773d ago

a lot of you people really whine to damn much.

First you complained that the initial price drop wasnt a drop at all but a hardware shift. Now they are offering a drive 4 times as big as the xbox premium for $500. You get blu ray, wireless free out the box and online free out the box.

There is even a 40 gig for $399. I am tired of these articles.

You have to pay to play folks. The only things sony needs to improve is that terrible controller that doesnt rumble (in the works) and paltry PSN offerings.

How does Japan get Resident Evil 2 and the US gets shafted?

do they like losing market share to nintendo?

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