GTA 5 publisher disappears from Expo lineup

Inentertainment writes: GTA 5 might be a no show during GamesCom, which could mean no 2012 release, but there's a chance that Rockstar could be at the EB Games Expo in October.

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TheMeat2145d ago

Just bring out a second trailer already.

Emilio_Estevez2145d ago

Everyone should have already known this. They don't go to conventions anymore, they feel it's taking away time they could be working on the game.

Forbidden_Darkness2145d ago

I wish more developers could afford to do this, we would have more quality games, because they wouldn't have to worry about getting out a bunch if demos and trailers for their games, just a couple to catch gamers attentions. Unfortunately, not many developers have the selling power and trust of gamers for their games like Rockstar does.

Da Ill One2144d ago

People honestly thought it was coming out in 2012? I knew it was 2013 since the's going to be a PS 4/720 Launch title

HebrewHammer2144d ago

I've got my money set on a second quarter 2013 release.

It's definitely not a PS4/720 game.

miamicanesruleall2144d ago

Idiots really still thought this game was going to be out in 2012? It's July morons. No GTA V, no The Last of Us, stop it already. One trailer and the morons lose their shit.

BattleTorn2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )


Gamescom! No Gamescom!

Can't we get something for certain?

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