Hideo Kojima Visits Naughty Dog Studios

Kojima - "Visited Naughty Dog studio. Pic w Chrisophe and Evan, the 2 studio heads. Got gifts from them too!"

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Agent Smith1926d ago

If they made a game together, the main character would be Nathan Snake

BiggCMan1926d ago

The world will implode on itself from the sheer amount of awesomeness.

FalconR2891926d ago

Metal Gear Uncharted: Among Snakes

Ramas1926d ago

all characters from noughty dog not worth even one char from metal gear. noughty dog does great graphics and holywood like games, but story is very lame. (hope last of us will have better story)

MySwordIsHeavenly1926d ago

Lame story?!? I guess you missed Jak 3...

zeeshan1926d ago

Looks like Mr. Kojima is becoming a Naughty Dogs fan! He was intrigued with THE LAST OF US and I guess he wants to see more! Can't blame the guy, I can't wait either!

showtimefolks1925d ago

Agent Smith

that name has a rhymes to it lol

hopefully ND learned something from kojima and kojima will take something back from ND.

kojima productions

combined awesomeness

goldwyncq1925d ago

Drake? Drake?! Draaaaake!

PoSTedUP1925d ago

@ gold- you win.

and a visit from Mr. Kojima himself is the biggest form of flattery one can get. just epic.

cool cole1925d ago


Sully should actually be Smokesalot

irepbtown1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

Uncharted 4: The search for Snake

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piroh1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

it seems like mutual inspiration to me

that's why their games are so revolutionary in terms of technology

miyamoto1926d ago

PlayStation Dream Team!
I hope they make a game together

Nimblest-Assassin1926d ago

Uncharted 4

Villain: How do you jump so far mr. Drake?

Drake: nano machines

killerhog1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

I feel Hideo Kojima is trying to hard to appeal to westerners, therefore he comes off as kissing arse. He needs to stop criticizing Japanese devs and either put up or shut up, as all he has under his belt is the metal gear franchise; that he revolves everything he does around it (fox engine for example).

Also the "dream team" I'm reading of ND and Kojima is lame, he's overrated. The metal gear franchise isn't even all that to begin with, played mostly all of em. I also played ZOE and didn't finish it (this was also the time I was heavily into anime).

Dee_911925d ago

Showing respect = kissing ass ?
"All" he have under his belt is metal gear franchise and all thomas edison have under his belt is inventing electricity ugh they are such under acheivers.

Your life must suck if thats how you really veiw stuff.
I hope your out curing aids and solving world hungers by the way you hold him to such high standards.

killerhog1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )


My life sucks? First of all, your going to insult someone for thier own opinion/view? You're comparing electricity an essential to a video game? Hm your criticing me for holding such "high standards" kinda like what he's doing to Japanese devs like if he has anything good himself?

But then again by your comment, youre a blind Kojima fanboy.

irepbtown1925d ago

Metal Gear Solid as a whole, are some of the greatest games I've ever played. I'm sure there are millions like myself who love the franchise and wants to see more.

Whether he is trying to appeal to westerners or not, I love what he has done and I live in England. Dmarc is right to a degree, showing respect really isn't kissing ass. In fact it is actually great to see two of the best devs together.

BlackPrince 421925d ago

Kojima's always been at the fringe of Japanese and Western gaming. His "arse kissing" is a result of him seeing Western developers taking more innovative approaches to gaming in the last half decade.

Dee_911925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

I didnt insult you because of your opinion I insulted you because I can see the type of person you are.
I dont care if you think metal gear is lame or what ever but to say showing respect means kissing ass then your a sour person who life more than likely is crappy.Thats my opinion about you.I dont know you Im just calling it how I see it.
Either prove me wrong or just try to belittle me and further prove my point. and you did the latter ofcourse
btw Show me where I compared electricity to a video game?

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Lord_Sloth1926d ago

Some of my favorite peeps in a single room. They should make a game together.

NastyLeftHook01926d ago

the last of solid snakes deception :)

Batzi1926d ago

I bet he played The Last of Us and they played MGS5 demo :P

piroh1926d ago

co-op in The Last of Us CONFIRMED :)

HarryMasonHerpderp1926d ago

This is cool I love Hideo Kojima and I love Naughty Dog.
Nice to know there interested in each other's games.

nyobzoo1926d ago

wonder if it was just for fun or business, cause on a similar note, Ono from Capcom went to visit Sucker Punch at Sony and PS3 now has exclusive characters in SFxT

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