Fassbender's Assassin's Creed character not necessarily Desmond

Joystiq- Today's news about the often spoken of but never seen Assassin's Creed film adaptation brought word that Prometheus star Michael Fassbender is playing the starring role (Fassbender's DMC Film is also being tapped for co-production). Between his leading man role and the film's description – "a man who learns his ancestors were trained assassins after he is kidnapped by a secret org with ties to the Knights Templar ... [is] sent back in time to retrieve historical artifacts" – it sounded to many like Fassbender would be taking up the role of Desmond Miles, franchise leading man. Not so fast, says Ubisoft.

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ironfist922050d ago

I'm hoping, I cant see him as Altair/Ezio/Desmond, but he would make an excellent Antagonist

LiamDirish2051d ago

They would need 3 different actors for Desmond, Altair & Ezio (4 if you count Connor in AC3) Surely he wouldn't play all three.

VanillaBear2051d ago

3 differn't actors...

Your suggesting they would try and squeeze all three Assassins stories in one film....if they did that it would suck, hard.

ironfist922050d ago

They might either choose Altair, or maybe Ezio since its the most popular Assassin.

Who knows, Im just glad Ubisoft hold creative control over the project so they will know EXACTLY how to handle the story

pcgamerpro2050d ago

IGN reported that this guy will be in the lead role at their front page!

ironfist922050d ago

You trust everything you read on IGN?

pcgamerpro2050d ago

Naah but they are considered as the no.1 gaming authority by many so that's why was wondering.

pcgamerpro2050d ago

Michael Fassbender Joins ‘Assassin’s Creed’ Movie as Actor & Producer. this is at

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