Valve adds two more free-to-play Nexon games to Steam

Video game developer and digital distribution company Valve has added two more Nexon-published computer game titles to its Steam library. First-person shooter title Combat Arms and MMORPG Atlantica Online are both now available on Valve's leading online gaming platform. Both games are free to download and play.

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zeal0us2267d ago

Is combat arms still filled with hackers?

ATi_Elite2267d ago

Valve and Nexon both make Billions yearly and now they are becoming even more friendly!

is combat arms any good? I see Steam has Blacklight Retribution now!

Lilioups2266d ago Show
ninjahunter2266d ago

Blacklights pretty amazing, other than its a super intense grind to unlock things its pretty fantastic.

2pacalypsenow2266d ago

Yes i had it since release its unplayable

the worst2266d ago Show
taquito2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

blacklight retribution is hands down better than any shooter that has come out so far in 2012!

urwifeminder2266d ago

Bf heroes , blackight ,tribes are so much fun i have not had need to buy a new game all year saving boatloads of cash havin gangs of fun.

-MD-2266d ago

I laugh at these free to play games popping up left and right, who is honestly playing this slop?

annus2266d ago

Free to play doesn't make a bad game, just as paying for a game doesn't make it good.

I would take games like Super Monday Night Combat over a lot of the crap games that have been released over the last few years.

decrypt2266d ago

Dota 2 is free 2 play, try playing that. It may be f2p however its probably my game of the year.

TXIDarkAvenger2266d ago

A bunch of people actually. Some of the most popular games on PC are f2p like TF2 now, LoL, and others.

MEsoJD2266d ago

A lot of great games are f2p.... I'm most excited for Hawken.

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