Turning Point:Fall of Liberty - Demo Impressions for Xbox 360

The staff at Loot Ninja offers their impression on the latest WWII shooter to come to the Xbox 360. This game offers a new twist on an already heavily tackled genre. Read on for Loot Ninja's impressions on the newly released demo.


The game is also for the PS3, but that demo was not played therefore not included.

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toughNAME3771d ago

I havent been hearing anything good about this game but I'm really thinking about giving this a rent

fiercescuba3771d ago

It wasn't bad.. but... with a slow few months of 360.. it could get some time.

captainpwn3771d ago

The only thing more boring than another WW2 game is Halo 3.

dachiefsman3771d ago

actually your comment trumps halo 3

Ureval3771d ago

More Halo hate?

You do know how many copies it sold right? How much online hours are logged?

Dont waste comment space.

Federal-Actors-Guild3771d ago

IS this what the 360 can? Come on its 08 not 06, Come on Lazy As* devs lets see what eh 360 can do.

drunkpandas3771d ago

Do we really need more WW2 games? I think it's safe to say that genre is beyond played out. Seems like developers are getting lazy and trying to cash in on a fad, but unfortunately that's passed.

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The story is too old to be commented.