10 Internet comments about games that actually make us laugh

GamesBeat: It seems like the top comment on every YouTube video is someone saying “thumbs up if…” about something stupid. It’s not a party unless some fanboys are getting way too defensive about faceless corporations.

That’s why we’ve made it our duty to sift through the refuse left behind by the animals that populates every comment section on the Internet. Inside we’ve brought you a few game-related replies that are actually worth a chuckle:

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Blastoise2078d ago

None of these were funny =/

pandehz2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

Yea I did not heed your warning :(

Also for others you have to click through 10 pages

StayStatic2078d ago

So you found the one guy in Japan who owns a 360 /Tumbleweed

Relientk772078d ago

The only one I liked was the 20 Hottest Female Video Game Characters one because Its on N4G and in the top 5 news stories right now

Blastoise2078d ago

Someone should message HamburgerBuns and let him know hes famous ;)

Relientk772078d ago

I was just going thru the top stories and then I went onto this and was like what? lol I just saw this like 2 minutes ago