Just Take My Money! Ridiculously Radical Video Game Nail Art |

Part 2 of my "Just Take My Money" series aimed towards gamers. This week: ridiculously radical video game nail art.

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ScubbaSteve2169d ago

Someone's son is going to be mad to find their mom glued his G.I. Joe guns onto her fingernails.

JonahNL2169d ago

Imagine going to a restaurant with those Battlefield nails. Have fun trying to explain to the waiter why there's a miniature LMG in your soup.

ATi_Elite2169d ago

Customer: "hey Excuse me waiter, there's a Noob Tube in my soup"

Waiter: "well move it around you camper"

Naners2169d ago

If someone figures out how to do BF2142 Engineer nail art, I would totally be a guinea pig for it. Just make sure there's a Pilum and Motion Mines in the set at the very least.