Resident Evil 6: Exclusive Screens Reveal Zombie-Tossing, Mercenaries Mode

GI - "To celebrate our month of coverage for the Hot 50 2012, we're rolling out eight exclusive Resident Evil 6 screens. These gory, over-the-top screens hint at some surprising new twists for the game. A behemoth of a boss towers over our heroes, Chris chucks a zombie at other zombies, and a flesh-eater rises from the grave."

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VanillaBear2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

Wow...just when you think Capcom can't make it look even less like a Resident Evil game

Oh I see the time limit is back...I bet without a mode without it so you can see how long you can last. Something people have been requesting for a while.

Zombie Tossing..........WTF



Looking at those comments on GI site I just can't believe how many people are buying Capcom lies and actually think it looks good. wonder Capcom ruin franchises, people don't learn from their mistakes, stick to their guns and stop buying their games

WeskerChildReborned2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

Just face it bro, they probably will never go back to the feel of the original RE games so just enjoy the game or don't buy it. I liked RE5 even though it wasn't survival horror. Yes i do enjoy the old RE games more but i still like the new ones.

@VanillaBear, i probably will buy it because i'm not still one of those fans who keep whining about the game changing cause it has already changed alot since RE4 so i've been done complaining. I do prefer the survival horror element than anything they are doing right now but yea, it's most likely not gonna change.

VanillaBear2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

Well good for you it day 1 and give Capcom a happy sale. You could probably wait a few days or maybe a few months untill it's in the bargain bin but I guess thats too much

If this failed in sales it wouldn't just affect RE it would probably affect every decision they make from then on out....DLC, westernising their franchises, locked disc content. Want to know why...because they would then know gamers arn't taking there shit anymore.


EDIT @Above

"because i'm not still one of those fans who keep whining about the game changing"

Oh so the old fans who made RE what it is today are whinners because a franchise they love is being ruined to attract a differn't audience while pushing them out.....RIGHT. No wonder people don't like to express their opinions on something, your the type of people who bash people who speak out and expect them to just blindy follow a company like yourself after what they've done.

So much for sticking to your guns...want to know why people like me "complain" because blind people like you still buy their games day 1.

WeskerChildReborned2049d ago

@VanillaBear, I was just saying that i don't whine about the series cause it's Capcom we are talking about. Yes i would like RE6 to be more of a survival horror experience but it's not(from what i've seen). I'm just facing the facts that their could be no other RE game that can capture the atmosphere of the old ones so i just replay the old ones.

DarkBlood2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

im with you @weskerchildreborned the series has change since re4 days where that one was scary for my age back then with some few parts of re5 mainly involving the lickers or some really dark areas ish

even i wish it would go back the old ways but even i know thats not going to happen so i accept whats to come and enjoy whats being put out as well as the cgi movies so im very much looking forward to resident evil 6 if not for the lack of horror but the story might as well see it to the end since i gone this far

also it seems some people are just upset we arent adding to thier numbers "cause" against capcom as much as it would be great to win this little war to get the series back, i step back cause i know when a battle cant be won

after all this isnt some console failure rate or 3ds price issue last but not least the psn network hack where the backlash could be use to get justified. that kind of thing wont work on capcom

excuse grammer any punuaction if neccessary sorry

Jumper092049d ago

they probably havnt seen the demo lol

StarFox2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

can you just stop with the bitching already like wow its the same redundant shit over and over again on every re6 article. as a "REAL" RE fan im honestly sick seeing and hearing the same crap. Don't Like It Don't Buy It simple. Vote with your wallet not your mouth.

StarFox2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

What did i just explain to you post after post "don't like it, don't buy it" "vote with your wallet" so how could be the one who take up the ass by any company. if anything your the one who has taking it up the ass. i can almost bet you were one of the idiots who bought both re4 and re5 and now all of sudden its a problem that re6 has taken up an action direction. well who's fucking fault is that all you supposed "true" re fans are the reason the series is where its at now. trying to act like you all high and mighty because you think your a true re fan. fuck outta here with that bullshit. another thing im sorry bubbles mean shit to me on this site if i really cared about getting my bubbles back i'll just start up a new account i don't this a serious as you do. the only thing in your lame life that is worth while is trying to toss your opinions around as an authority on internet site. Brave man bravo.... im sure millions would want to be a loser like you. oh yeah good job blocking me i knew you were sensitive lolol

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Skateboard2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

I'm an old School Resident Evil fan. I'm buying this crap cause I had enough of it from Resident Evil 4 and 5. This game will probably have a crap ton of DLC and a horribly written Michael Bay theme to it, baaaaaa the game when its released and enjoy hearing all the shit that is cut from it.

Baaaaa the game and baaaaa the DLC.


I haven't heard this complaint yet, isn't it annoying how you find ammo in crates ? The whole reason why i liked the RE games was for its realism now it's efffing retarded and the story is sooo convoluted and embarrassing.

Skateboard2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

"not" I'm not did you read my post ? and this one, LOL.

DarkBlood2049d ago

lol wasnt thinking about your second post, realized it now

plus theres bound to be a gold edition at some point too

DarkBlood2049d ago

so are you buying it or not? lol kind of confused here