Halo 3 vs 4 – A Graphical Comparison

You may be thinking, “why the hell do we need a comparison for games that are 5 years apart”. Let’s face the truth. Gamers are a bunch of masochistic, scrutinizing, inert creatures. People love to nit pick and analyze the most minute of details in order to ameliorate themselves.

Keep in mind, this is just to show how far the series has come since 2007. Obviously, Halo 4 looks better than Halo 3.


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ThatKanadianKid2077d ago

Probably because of how similar the level in the demo from 4 at E3 looks to the first mission of 3. I would like to see a comparison of Reach to 4 though.

I do like the comparison though, they did a good job with the pictures. Especially the chief armor one.

Shaman2077d ago

I would like to see direct feed screenshot comparison. H3 had good as HDR lighting, two frame buffers, but it was 600p, very blurry and no AA.

nukeitall2076d ago

I just want to see more Halo 4! XD

ShinMaster2076d ago

* Halo 3 looked last-gen @600p sub-HD.
* Halo 4 looks current-gen HD.

NeXXXuS2076d ago (Edited 2076d ago )

halo reach was terrible. not even worth it for a graphical comparison. it was just too different.

THESONYPS32076d ago Show
Snookies122076d ago (Edited 2076d ago )

@THESONYPS3 - Lol, what? The PS3 doesn't have graphics, unless you mean the XMB, games have graphics not systems. If you're comparing it to every game on PS3 I'm sure it beats quite a lot out actually. The game looks great, I just hope for you guys with 360's it plays as well as it looks. Graphics are one thing, but they gotta get the gameplay right as well

SUCKxITxEZ2076d ago

@Snookies12 - a snookie is never in a position to critisize anyone

Patriots_Pride2076d ago

@thesonyps3 - When Killzone offers Forge, Theater, Co-Op, massive sand box like levels, films,clips,screen shots....ans still look as good as Halo 3 then you can brag about ur bruty graphics.

Kingnichendrix2076d ago

@Thesonyps3 I think you successfully trolled Patriots_Pride

Snookies122076d ago

@SUCKxITxEZ - But that's not my name, it's Snookie(s) with an "s". Came long before that other one lol.

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MadMen2076d ago

Because it tied directly from one game to the next not a side story - many HALO 3 players never went the way of Reach and me being a HALO 3 MP over Reach person I like this 3 vs 4

Kurt Russell2076d ago

I'm with you on that one. Reach feltlike a filler between my masterchief sized slices of bread. It was a good enough game, but not a patch on H3.

montipython2076d ago

The author of the article said they are working on it and will post a link when they are done. Its in the comment section on the site if you were wondering.

Should be interesting how close or far apart the games look from what we have seen of Halo 4.

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guitarse2077d ago

Your sites dead, buy moar powerful interwebz ¬_¬

vortis2076d ago

You lyin' you dyin'.

But it looks like the truth hurts, too.

slixshot2077d ago

Master Chief: Total boss since 2001.

JellyJelly2076d ago

Screenshot comparisons are pretty useless. HD video gives a better understanding of what the game looks (and moves) like.

Emilio_Estevez2076d ago

I would mostly agree. There is something to be analyzed with screens, but 2 videos running in exactly the same setup would be best.

JohnApocalypse2076d ago

Halo 3 still looks fuckin good

Aesthetics > Graphics

Bob5702076d ago

I'm glad they are going for more of a Halo 3ish look with Halo 4. I honestly do not like Reach's graphics. I'd much rather play with Halo 3 graphics over Reach's any day.

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