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Telltale Games vs Activision- The Walking Dead

The title The Walking Dead is quickly growing in the video game industry. This name has been no stranger to comic book fans and of course fans of the AMC television series but in the recent days the name has taken on a whole new meaning for gamers. As we all know that Telltale Games has released an amazing downloadable game titled The Walking Dead; based after a popular comic book series, we have also come to realize that Activision has taken on a new project of creating a game based off of the hit AMC television show, The Walking Dead. With that being said some controversy lies within the pages of this new information. A fight among gaming fans of the Telltale Walking Dead game and fans of the television series are beginning to dispute which game will be better and where each title has and are making mistakes. (PC, PS3, The Walking Dead: Episode 2 "Starved for Help", The Walking Dead: Season 2 - Episode 1 "All That Remains", Xbox 360)

TheSuperior  +   805d ago
The Walking Dead (Telltale) rocks but im ify if the first-person approach on Activisions release is really going to work. I love FPS but with a game like this i am just not sure how it will play out. We need story, a good good story with this and i fear Activision will make it all about killing :/ just my thoughts though
victorGma21  +   805d ago
Man... I just started playing the telltale's game and it's AWESOME! Much better then what I was expecting.

I wasn't too sure about buying it but so many people asked me to do it so I had to try.

Incredible experience so far.
exsturminator01  +   805d ago
Lol, judging from the likes/dislikes, someone on this board is unhappy with Telltale and not saying anything. I'm with the guys above, Telltale's The Walking Dead is doing a great job capturing the feel and atmosphere of the show. Can't say whether its doing the comics justice or not, but they're great games and I can't wait for Ep3.

As for Activision's involvement...meh, I won't write it off because that'd be close-minded, but their track record is not really story-driven, so I'm not expecting much of them on this.
Feralkitsune  +   805d ago
I love the Tell Tale game, I've done so many playthroughs of the first 2 episodes it's not even funny. One I even posted to youtube in HD.

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Sanquine90  +   805d ago
The walking dead needs to be storydriven. The second episode was scary as fuck. I was more scared for humans than for the zombies.
TheGrimBunny  +   805d ago
You are right to the show is story driven and scary; so should the game. Telltale is doing a good job of it.
Sanquine90  +   805d ago
If you played the second part you could not eat for a day ( meat)
Nimblest-Assassin  +   805d ago
I never trusted them from the start... but still love the telltale series... plus its an easy platinum trophy/1000 gamerscore
TheGrimBunny  +   805d ago
I don't understand why the hell Activision has to go and treat Telltale like they are not even making a Walking Dead game.. they are just so damn power hungry.
goldwyncq  +   805d ago
Obviously, anything not an FPS would be better than its FPS counterpart.
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VanillaBear  +   805d ago
Can't someone do a third person survival game based on the Walking Dead. I don't like the sound of a FPS WD game since...well come on it's Activision and I'm not a fan of point and click games.
STK026  +   805d ago
If done right this game could be pretty awesome. I just hope they don't go and put multiple types of zombies, it only needs the typical slow and dumb zombies that come to you in large numbers and looters of some kind I guess. I don't want it to be the next L4D or anything like that. If Activision can manage to put good shooting mecanics and have the weapons feel right while also giving us good zombies in a world where resources are scarce, I can forgive them for giving us a somewhat subpar story.
THESHAUNZY  +   805d ago
Activision reminds me of when I was 14 and just learned how to masterbate
MasterD919  +   805d ago
They spoke about it on Talking Dead last night...Its featuring Daryl and Merl's adventures prior to meeting the group and will be somewhat of a prequel. That is the only thing keeping my interest since its likely Norman Reedus will actually lend his voice.

I'm iffy on the whole idea of an FPS (from Activision) but will have a wait and see approach before swearing it off.

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