Jimquisition: Xbox 360 and PS3 Are Just Crap PCs

"There was once a time when consoles had something that PCs didn't have. They were cheaper, easier to use, more convenient. They dominated the market because they dominated our need to be lazy and catered to. Then this generation happened.

The more one considers the value that the 360 and PS3 have for the end user, the less one is able to justify their existence. Outside of a handful of exclusive games, what edge do they have? What makes them a superior choice? Nothing, declares the Jimquisition. Nothing."

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StrongMan1869d ago

But on PS3 I can play great games that are not on PC.

coolbeans1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

He acknowledges exclusives in the description (summary) I posted.

"Outside of a handful of exclusive games, what edge do they have?"

Chuk51869d ago

I love my xbox 360, but honestly he has great points and I mostly agree.

Back with the gamecube and other systems, consoles felt so much easier to just plug and play, but now consoles are trying to emulate PC styles while still operating under some false idea of keeping a gated console ecosystem.

Something's gotta give.

Emilio_Estevez1869d ago

The main edge is ease of use imo. PC games are easy to install maintain for the average person until you have problems or go for mods. The average person is the key part of that.

victorGma211869d ago

Red Dead Redemption is one of the best games this gen and I can't find it on PC.

Autodidactdystopia1869d ago

Come on Dont be stupid blind MRSA victims, everything he said is completely true. whether or not hes trolling the truth hurts to people who disagree.

's just how it is. sadly not many of you have the gall to see what is in front of you and admit to its obvious validity.

Ser1869d ago


I completely agree. It's so much easier to just play a game on a console as opposed to a PC. Take note that I'm upgrading my PC this month. I'm a PC gamer as well as a console gamer, and I still stand by my statement.

gaffyh1869d ago

In terms of technology, obviously it is true because a PC has a set amount of components, all of which are found in consoles. In terms of games though, it is not the case that Xbox 360 and PS3 are crap PCs, because there are a lot of games you can't get on PC.

Winter47th1869d ago

Playing on consoles is more comfortable, accessible, lots of exclusives and you don't have to go though all the performance hassle.

And, bitch, a "handful" of exclusives? really?

PoSTedUP1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

enhanced multiplats isn't as good as a boat load of incredible Epic console exclusives.

and if you want enhanced multiplats, it's gonna cost you... and if you can build a PC less than $700 that's significantly better or if its even as good, not having console exclusives is an even bigger cost on top of that, plus isn't it pricy to keep having to upgrade every different part? idk im a PC newb.

and maybe you can, but how easy and how good does it look (if you can) hook up a PC to a 60inch LEDtv with a powerful amb and speakers? do monitors (which support PC visuals the best) even come in that size? cuz my cousin hooked up his gaming rig to his and mine samgsung and sony bravia and it didnt look as good as his little ass monitor.

and correct me if i'm wrong but isn't it more likely for a PC HDD to crash than a Consoles? and your PC can get hacked and or get a virus 20X more likely then a consoles.

and PC's shooters are full of hacks, mods and glitchers which make it a bad experience online imo. unless they fixed this.

consoles are more tied together as far as a fun community goes, unless they have something like Xbox live that i am unaware of where you can see all of your friends and what games they are playing and jump in and join different games together in a snap of a finger etc.

aquamala1869d ago

^^^ of course you can hook up a gaming pc to your tv, use the same hdmi cable

Ps3 and Xbox 360 use the same hdd on pcs and laptops

On steam you can see what your friends are playing and can jump right in their mo games

Brosy1869d ago

PC gaming is just too much of a hassle. I don't like searching the web for drivers and such. I also like to play lying on my bed on my 50inch plasma with the gaming headphones on. I know a PC can be made to play on a tv but it's still a hassle trying to find a surface for your keyboard and mouse to sit on, and it usually takes awy from the comfort level. I could careless about PC's being able to squeeze out a little better performance. I'm fine with my "crappy" console.

Oh_Yeah1869d ago

really who wouldnt agree with this article? besides the few games that are sony exclusive, and the cheaper price to play current games... consoles offer nothing better than pc.

CDzNutts1869d ago

Thing is, the exclusives are more than "a handful."

Now I won't get into a rant about a handful being subjective, but time and time again passion (cough..fanboyism..cough) leads to parties on both camps listing EVERY exclusive in a console's library.

That being said, there's enough proof in that pudding for consoles being a consumer's choice.

Most people own a PC or a laptop...its not like the hardware is obsolete. But not everyone 'games' on them. Are the graphical specs on PC's built for gaming more powerful? Sure. But the cost/time/money convenience of consoles is undeniable.

Hence why they are the primary choice for gamers. For me...console (for gaming) all the way.

aliengmr1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

"and correct me if i'm wrong but isn't it more likely for a PC HDD to crash than a Consoles? and your PC can get hacked and or get a virus 20X more likely then a consoles."

Red ring of death? But I suppose with a console you can pop it open and fix any problems you have? Right?

Do consoles have a HDD or SSD? If its a HDD then its no different than on PC. Mine are quite a few years old and still chugging along. If my drive crashes I'll just go out and get another and plug it in, problem solved. I might even get an SSD.


Most mods are easy to install. Games like Skyrim have a mod manager or use the Steam Workshop.

As far as problems are concerned, I personally have had very few issues. They were related to copy protection and DRM, which is why I chose to use Steam exclusively. This is only my experience, but I have never had issues with my games on Steam.

I'm not arguing the superiority of the PC as far as ease of use, just pointing out flaws in a couple arguments. For me PCs can be more difficult at times. But fixing those problems can be far easier and much faster than some think. With just basic computer knowledge you can build a PC. As far as software issues are concerned, the internet is all you need.

PCs can be more complicated, but if that's the price for an open platform, I gladly pay it.

Mike_Tha_Hero1869d ago

Okay, but why do you buy consoles/gaming rigs? To play games.

So yes, I see that as a major edge. Is this really what we've come to as a community? Arguing over petty indifference when at the end of the day it's about the games?

Cosmo8111869d ago

Except that it's not just a handful, and the games are what MAKE the console. If you have great specs but no games then what's the point?

Oner1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

"Outside of a handful of exclusive games, what edge do they have?"

That IS the edge. His comment/argument is sooo much like the little kid in that Bad Teacher commercial...about who is better LeBron or Jordan? Here ~

SilentNegotiator1869d ago

But not in the video. Seems like that would have to be a terrible oversight.

coolbeans1869d ago

It's not necessarily an oversight rather than focusing on his points. Yes, every console has its own identity with its exclusives; but who can't figure that out on their own already? Each has their own "mascots" that consumers know is specifically for that system to begin with.

I personally think that by strictly focusing on the major cons that been with PC gaming for quite some time and how some of those problems mirror what we're seeing on this gen consoles his argument has less "unnecessary fluff."

ABizzel11869d ago

Consoles are better than PC's to the average game consumer, because they don't have to do much to play the games they love. Consoles are plug and play machines.

Desktops are being phased out for laptops and now tablets, and many of the desktops in homes, are workstations or personal computer for the entire family, so gaming isn't it's primary use.

Also with consoles you just stick the game in for you machine, and you're ready to play (in most cases). With PC games it's not always so simple. Sometimes you have to install the game, or check to make sure your settings are the best for you computer, and if you want an optimal experience then you may have to upgrade you GPU and RAM. And even though all of those things are easy for any person with a bit of tech knowledge, together it's too much for the average consumer.

MaxXAttaxX1869d ago

It's dozens of them per system.
It's accessibility.
More comfortable.
Everyone's at the same level.
No stressing about keeping up.
Local multiplayer.
Ready to play right out of the box.

People don't buy consoles to use them as PCs. Everyone already has a PC, so they get a console for pure gaming purposes.

PC gamers are not going to convince console gamers of anything and vice-versa.

humbleopinion1868d ago

Consoles still rule three things mostly.

1) Ease of use - even for digital distribution games: ever tried downloading and playing a game on steam, waiting for it to download only so that a three step installation process of DirectX,DotNet,SomeOtherCrap will take forever? And then the game will try to auto-set the graphics to the wrong resolution, crashing on an error message that you'll have to google only to realize that your ATI/Nvidia drivers are out of date?
Sure, consoles are also getting more cumbersome with mandatory installs, updates and whatnot. But the story above is the PC experience for you - and that is a huge disadvantage for people who want a relatively hassle-free experience.

2) Ease of development: You have to pay royalties to Ms/Sony/Nintendo but you get something in return: a fixe hardware that will guarantee your game will work exactly the same on every unit sold. Good luck having that on the PC, with so much variance in hardware configuration that you can't really code efficiently or rely on any machine having enough free memory because everything goes through the OS, you need to downscale graphics and cater to the lowest common denominator or otherwise you risk of loosing some of the customer base (mostly laptop owners who probably constitute half of the PC market today), and QA becomes a nightmare since you have to check your game on thousands of different hardware configurations.

3) Leveled playing field. Multiplayer is just better on consoles because you know that people are using the same hardware and peripherals: no people who pay more for 200DPI mouse or keyboards with auto-programed shortcuts will get an unfair advantage. It's harder to hack console games and run unverified code with aimbots, wallhacks and what not.
It's not perfect of course, with glitches still being abused like hell until the developers sort them out. But it's much better than the state of play on the PC, and the risk of getting your entire console and profile banned forever (especially on the X360 where online still costs money) is a serious turnoff for most of the cheaters.

That's about it (there's also the issue with developers sometimes butchering the PC version and cutting features like offline co-op or not supporting gamepads of messing up the aspect ratio - but that's entirely they're fault). But these main points (outside a handful of exclusive games) are very important from both players and developers perspectives.

himdeel1868d ago

...and this just in a Honda is just a crappy Ferrari. :( shame on me for not stating the obvious as eloquently as this guy :(

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

"But on PS3 I can play great games that are not on PC."

vise versa......

Play this on your ps3..

Third person adventures & sports is the oly think console have now over pc.

Uncharted 1,2,3 = third person.
Infamous 1,2 = third person.
Heavy rain = third person.
Beyond = third person.
God of War 3 & Ascension = Third Person.
Last Guardian = third Person.
ratchet and clank = third person.
The Last Of Us = Third Person.

Ps3 has best third person games!

Shooters, Stragegy, MMORPG, Mech Games, Variety of Racing Sims, Simulators, 1000's of Indie Games, Free Content = PC!

aquamala1869d ago

Third person games on my pc

Gta 4
Saints row 3
Max Payne 3
Spec ops the line
Assassins creed series

LOGICWINS1869d ago

You invalidated your whole argument by mentioning games that haven't even released yet.

Dasteru1869d ago


Console gamers quite often argue their system of choice with upcoming games, so the entire foundation of your statement is invalid.

The point is not about when the games are coming out but rather that the prior statement can be made either way. Both platform have their fair share of exclusives. Saying one platform is better than the other based on it having exclusives is a very grasping at straws argument.

black9111869d ago

What about upcoming Free to play game Dust 514. Or killzone 2&3 or MAG.....

ShinMaster1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

I just choose not to.
Why? Because nearly EVERYONE including console gamers already own a PC.
It's a choice, like many other console gamers make for various reasons.
It doesn't make you an elite member of an exclusive gaming club to be able to play PC games. It's whether or not you give enough of a f*** to keep up with the hardware.

Anyway, if you're only playing on one system(PC or console) then you're missing out. I don't, because I diversify every now and then :)

'StrongMan' wasn't dissing PC, so that post you made was unnecessary.
He was making a good point as to why HE plays his PS3. He wasn't attacking or saying that PCs don't have any exclusive games (as unheard of as they may be... trollololol)

tarbis1868d ago

I agree with the free content since we pirate them all. =D

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aquamala1869d ago

I have consoles for the exclusives, but all multi plat games I much rather play on my pc.

But think about why these games are exclusives, the studios are owned or get paid by Sony. Imagine how good uncharted or infamous would look on the pc, but that will never happen thanks to Sony.