GTA 5, Valve Gamescom 2012 Claims Are Fake

NowGamer: A LinkedIn profile that claims GTA 5, an unannounced Valve game and other titles are headed to Gamescom 2012, is fake.

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NYC_Gamer2024d ago

R* will reveal GTA5 when they feel its the correct time

VanillaBear2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

Considering they announced the game on 25 October last year and released the teaser in November ...I think Gamescon would be the perfect time.

Same goes with Valve and HL3...they should at least show a teaser or announce it.

skyward2024d ago

Could still be at gamescom, but I'll wait for the official announce.

jizzyjones2024d ago

The LinkedIn profile may be fake, but the brief clip of GTAV in the official Gamescom trailer certainly wasn't.

Over7262024d ago

I already have GTA V on my iPad 2. How about that!

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