5 Video games that would make awesome movies

Usually video game to movie adaptations suck. Here's a few titles that if done properly, have the potential to be awesome.

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AIndoria2080d ago

Heavy Rain is already kinda a movie :P We just have to follow along. But God of War...I guess It'll be banned in a few countries, to say the least. (Hello Fallout 3!)

Grand theft auto? Yes please!

izumo_lee2080d ago

Well Heavy Rain is already in the introductory stages of production. Last i heard it has a script already from the writer of NYPD Blue & Deadwood.

David Cage is said to be deeply involved with the film as well so we will see how it turns out.

pat_11_52080d ago

I've yet to play Heavy Rain. When I pick up a PS3 it will definitely be my first game though.

TheSleepyGamer2079d ago

So long as Uwe Boll stays away from these, they could work.