Is the Time Right for an Openly Gay Main Character in a Game?

VGR: Last week was a week for freedom.

I’m not just talking about it being the 4th of July, I’m talking about freedom for two people in media who decided to come out of the closet and announce their homosexuality (or in one case, bisexuality).

News icon Anderson Cooper and up and coming R&B star Frank Ocean both decided to allow the world into their bedrooms last week, each announcing in their own unique way their love for people of the same gender. It was a big step for both men, as each had been constantly dogged by rumors of their homosexuality (or bisexuality, in Frank’s case) for some time, and they each felt it was time to put the rumors to rest, each in a written letter.

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CustardTrout2079d ago

Right behind this, no issues on my part.
Think it would be good to see this.

Silly Mammo2079d ago

Wasn't FemShep from Mass Effects gay? At least, I played here that way! ;0P

StanLee2079d ago

Why should any character in fiction have a sexual orientation if it isn't important to the story? Sexual orientation rarely comes up, during the course of a video game's narrative so gay or straight isn't of any relevance. Context is more important than political correctness. It shouldn't be done just to prove how tolerant a developer is.

Thatguy-3102079d ago

I don't really care. As long as gay sex/interactions aren't force. Most game characters dont even bring up their sexual orientation because the story isnt asking for it. I'm fine with a gay main character.

joab7772079d ago

It will always b a money issue so I am sure it's not time yet to have a character that is only gay. Watching two woman have a sex scene is every man's dream, not a game with a gay protagonist. Someone will do it and be lauded for their courage and heroism...and make no money. So, until it can be financially successful, it will not happen on the regular. I would love to know what percentage of the gaming community is gay. Someone has internals somewhere.

Mainsqueeze2079d ago

lol "Right behind this" atleast we know his position on homosexuality. Just kidding and on a more serious note i don't think its the right time unless you wan't the game not to sell well or something. Alot of homophobes out there that would protest the living hell out of it. I personally couldn't get into a game where i'm a gay dude it would kill the immersion, i just wouldn't be able to get into it.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

as long as

1. he is not a "girly" kind of gay who calls everyone "girlfriend".

2. he doesn't steal peoples watch when they're asleep.

3. there is a straight MOD.

4. he is the giver not the receiver.

5. he dies at the end.

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VanillaBear2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

Even if it was a character who acts "gay/Bisexual"...but it's never actually confirmed, if you catch my drift.

Karen Walker is like that from Will and Grace, Stewie from Family Guy and Roger from American Dad

Look at JD from Scrubs, he acts pretty gay especialy his bromance with Turk but we all know he's's just part of his characters charm and why we all like him so much

I would love to see that kind of character in a videogame but at the same time somehow manages to be the hero.

It happened...

KwietStorm2079d ago

What more confirmation do you need from Stewie and Roger? An anal sex scene?

Thatguy-3102079d ago

Lol also his lust for Brian, him dressing up as a girl when getting the chance and let's not forget the banana scene Haha

VanillaBear2079d ago


He's lusted after women aswell, just like Roger.

He's never came out though and said "I'm gay, lets make a big deal out of it"

bootyCheese1162078d ago

+2 for raping aliens & babies

SlapHappyJesus2079d ago

All depends on the game and it's story.

Creating a gay character for the sake of creating a gay character . . . that's unneeded.

To be fair, I see things in the same vein as normal relationships in games. Don't even implement it if it doesn't serve an actual purpose.

If it's there just to be there, just cut it. It serves no real purpose.

I am more than happy to see this happen. It's more than time. Just handle it properly.

Seventh_Blood_Reborn2079d ago

I completely agree. If done properly I' m fine.

a08andan2079d ago

It would actually be really refreshing. As long as they don't portray that person in a very stereotype way. No way near all gays walk around talking like girls, wear makeup and listen to Mariah Carey.

Apex132079d ago

To be honest who cares? how many game characters get the girl like they do in a hollywood flick?

How many game characters do we grow close to and have some empathy for?

So it's neither here or there until it becomes more than DRake, Mario or Bowser getting the chick.

You have not even conquered ethnic characters yet and you want to discuss gay ones...get in line mate lol

Fierce Musashi2079d ago

"You have not even conquered ethnic characters yet and you want to discuss gay ones...get in line mate lol"

I was just thinking the same.

Anyway, I believe SlapHappyJesus above said it best on this matter.

Smashbro292079d ago

I think making a character gay or ethnic or whatever for the sake of filling some politically correct quota is stupid.

Apex132079d ago

Agreed and my point exactly...sort of

LightofDarkness2079d ago

Not enough people look at it this way. If you can't naturally or organically include ethnic characters in your game, then don't force it; you're going to end up creating a stereotype or at least a mildly offensive character. Don't try to shoehorn it in there because of societal pressure - do what comes naturally.

If you're trying to think of ways to integrate a black character into your game, for instance, because you feel like you need one, stop: you are already on the path to destruction. You will probably create some "jive-talkin MF'er" under the pretence that this authentic in some way, or that this character will be viewed as a positive stereotype (never a good idea). It happens quite commonly in literature and film too, it's just a problem that occurs when people who do not truly understand other ethnicities attempt to imagine them. I'm Irish, for instance, and we have pretty horrific representation in all media that is not Irish. Some times it's kind of funny (an "all you can do is laugh" situation), and sometimes it's groan-inducing.

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