A Racing Driver's Perspective of Gran Turismo 5: Prologue

Kombo writes: "I want to make something abundantly clear; this is why you bought a PlayStation 3. Sure, some people will insist your purchase was due to a once badass-turned-geriatric super-soldier known as Solid Snake, or Final Fantasy CLXVII something or other which, if history serves as any clue, will feature at least one character suffering from a wicked case of amnesia. But they would be wrong. You really bought a PS3 to play Gran Turismo 5."

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Spike473826d ago

to look at that picture for 3 seconds to see if it was real or not.

generally it only takes a second to recognize if a picture is a game or real life.

GT5 is really a masterpiece in graphics.

sonarus3826d ago

the bottom line is GT remains the best in the class. You can rate it low for lack of features and all but in the end when driving daddy comes we shall all greet him with respect. Hopefully he graces us with his presence this yr

InYourMom3826d ago

You always see the race playback in all these pictures and they do look gorgeous. But once you start playing the game and are in the track it loses it's realism very fast.

PirateThom3826d ago

What's funny is that fact you've probably never played it. I can prove this because I have and you're talking out your ass. It looks sublime.

pwnsause3826d ago

InYourMom, a race car driver already proved that GT5: Prolouge is a superior game to your crappy Franchise called Forza 2(although he doesnt just state forza but to all Drving Sim games in General) I recomend you to do the following if you dont want damage control here, turn off your computer, take a shower, go to your bedroom, tell your mom to tell you an RROD story and go to sleep with your Master Chief Teddy Bear. XD

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Lord Anubis3826d ago

that's two professional/amateurs that like the GT5: Prologue. I wonder if the physics will remain or if it will be upgraded for the release of GT5.

neogeo3826d ago

but I would like it if someone told me a RROD story before bed also.
I can curl up with my Solid snake doll.

i_like_ff73826d ago

polyphony are gods at racing games.

resistance1003826d ago

I own this game.

and can honesty say the physic's in this game are unreal, heck i would say the physic's are more impressive than the sound and visuals and thats saying something

C_SoL3826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

Forza what?

Hopefully they have flagmans in GT5. That would level up the Realism in racing games. Even the Nascar games don't have flagmans..

Also, I can't wait for Tourist Trophy 2. The first one was so underrated.

Bathyj3826d ago

After TT I was hoping they would put bikes in GT.

Maybe they prefer to stay the Master of Cars rather than be a Jack of all Trades.

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The story is too old to be commented.