Change your PS3 sign-in smiley for regional accounts

As a PlayStation user, it makes sense to create multiple user accounts so that you can quickly access the PSN store of the 3 key territories; UK, USA, and Japan. A recent Firmware update now allows you to change your PS3 account smiley to match.

PS3 user Mark Brown has modified the PS3 smileys (sign-in icons) so that they are painted with various national flags. You can even use your own customised images.

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Dark_Overlord3856d ago

thats funny I changed the 'smiley' on my account the 1st day I got my PS3 in March (UK)

Eromu3856d ago

This isn't from a new firmware update you could always choose your own sign-in icon. I did this back in May or June when I first got my 60gb.

Rice3856d ago

This is pretty old, but its usefull....

Sev3856d ago

I did this a long time ago already with each account having that country's respective flag

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