Game Collection Sold For Over A Million Dollars

FanCensus says: "An eBay listing has been spotted featuring what is being advertised as the “BIGGEST COLLECTION EVER” Is this claim true? Judging by it’s description I’d say it could well be. The listing features “All games ever released on Nintendo home systems, from Famicom to Gamecube!”, “All games ever released on Sega systems!” and “All games ever released on NEC systems”."

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TheSuperior 2109d ago

Wow thats a lot of games, and i thought i was addicted x)

Infernostew2109d ago

Definitely sold this at a loss.

LiamDirish2109d ago

I would be very interested to know what the owner spent on all these games in the first place

LiamDirish2109d ago

I have to say if I had the money I would buy it, that is an unbelievable collection.

Relientk772109d ago

Ah, someone did by it

Damn thats alot of money

rataranian2109d ago

my god. Ebay just bent him over and raped him in fees. what a sucker.

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