Inis makes potential worst game ever

PSP Fanboy writes:
You may know Inis as the developer of fantastic games, such as Gitaroo-Man Lives! (PSP) and Elite Beat Agents (DS). However, Siliconera has unearthed one of the most shameful projects in videogaming history: Rain: Wonder Trip, exclusively for PSP. The "game" has you interacting in all sorts of ways with the notoriously popular Korean pop star, Rain. According to Spencer, Wonder Trip is "an interactive PSP title where you interact with him in his limousine. You can check Rain's schedule, answer questions in QuizBillionaire mode and buy him presents. If you pick the right gift or order his favorite food you can make him happy." Don't you want to make him happy?!

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KS19853771d ago

Isn't he that Singer turned Actor that is staring in the new Speed Racer Movie?