Molyneux: Now is the 'Most Exciting Time' in Gaming

GamerZines writes:

There are few developers that can captivate a crowd as effectively as Peter Molyneux.

The mind behind such successful franchises as Theme Park, Fable, Populous and others delivered a keynote at Rezzed (Rock Paper Shotgun's indie and PC games showcase) and in it he focused on why he decided to leave the cosy setup he had at Microsoft to found his own studio, 22 Cans.

Molyneux being Molyneux, he delivered his reasons in a typically charismatic style and rather than us watering down the passionate sentiments shared during the forty-minute presentation to around two hundred attendees, we decided to let the man himself explain why he's gone back to being an independent developer.

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jamesensor2144d ago

He was most exciting at Bullfrog, not now :S

AAACE52144d ago

I honestly cant respect anything he says. Hes about as believable as a prostitute saying she loves you!

solidjun52144d ago

"But she said she did :( "

LMAO!!!!! +1

BABYLEG2144d ago

My nigga Peter speaks the truth again, yet you nondevelopers always have something to say. I'm just as excited about the future of games just like Peter. he thinks big, which is what I like to hear.

Baka-akaB2144d ago

yeah how dare nondevelopers have an opinion over stuff they buy .

black9112143d ago

Why because your leaving it?

redDevil872144d ago

Imagine how full of s*** listening to a conversation between him and Patcher would be :|

Kran2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

Quite interesting actually because then we could decide for ourselves who says the most crap :P

from the beach2144d ago

I agree in terms of the various new control schemes we've seen over the past few years and the possibilities they bring, but as for the 'indie' studios.. I'm yet to play anything that's got me too excited about them..

Hicken2144d ago

thatgamecompany says hi.

As for control schemes, I'm least excited about them... maybe that's second to the casual craze that's spawned a push for the horrible idea of digital-only gaming.

I guess you could say it's exciting, in a "God, I hope they don't do that because it'll ruin the industry" kind of way.

from the beach2144d ago

Don't you think crapgamecompany are part of the "casual craze that's spawned a push for the horrible idea of digital-only gaming"?

Godmars2902144d ago

Yes, and the way things are looking its going to take years for devs to actually figure out how to work those new control schemes.

from the beach2144d ago

The devs have figured out how to use them and so have the gamers - it seems to be the critics that are struggling.

Godmars2902144d ago

No, they figure out how to make certain simple games work for motion controls, carnival and dance titles.

You want to think critics ride something like Steel Battalion off of bias, then that's your opinion as much as theirs.

from the beach2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

Nintendo figured it out years ago!

Generally the shooting genres and anything with weapon-based combat can benefit from using motion controls, lots more than just carnival and dance games.

Whether a control scheme works or not isn't really an opinion - I mean, it does or it doesn't. Not naming any names here!

Hicken2144d ago

"Don't you think crapgamecompany are part of the "casual craze that's spawned a push for the horrible idea of digital-only gaming"?"

Short answer: no.

Long answer: while their games are easy for the casual crowd to approach- indeed, easy for ANYONE to approach- and while their games thus far have all been digital, NOT ONE of their games was aimed at the casual market. They were more aimed at people of a certain mindset. Specifically, an open mind, which you have repeatedly demonstrated you lack(evidenced by the childish "crapgamecompany" moniker you decided to go with.

Casual gamers may be inclined to give Journey, Flower, or flOw a chance, but I don't think those odds are any different than any open-minded (read: not you) core gamer.

So no, I don't think they're part of the casual craze that's spawned a push for the horrible idea of digital-only gaming.

from the beach2143d ago

You can call that crowd "people of a certain mindset" or "casual" or whatever, the fact is they like simple games that aren't challenging, have nice bright colours and happy themes, are usually dumbed-down versions of older games, can be played in bite-sized chunks - and they're usually people who just got into games yesterday.

I would say all of crapgamecompany's titles are made for that market.

As for being open-minded, why would that be necessary? Journey is essentially a 3D platform game akin to Crash Bandicoot or.. I dunno, Banjo Kazooie. There's nothing fresh in its concept.

And I do consider myself to be open-minded, I've played titles by crapgamecompany and many other duff 'indie studios' - hence my earlier opinion that there's nothing to be excited about.

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OldParr2144d ago

This guy(molyneux)! He keeps saying this and that and doesn't provide anything to the table!!!

G20WLY2144d ago

I remember this guy in the good old days, before he dissapeared up his own ass. How the mighty fall :(

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