The Top 10 Sandbox/Open-World Games

DaxGamer - "Gamers have all sorts of tastes. Some of us can't wait for the next yearly iteration of our favorite sports game, and others can't seem to pry their eyes from their TV screens as they incessantly play Call of Duty through the night. The gaming industry is so full of creative ideas and choices, and we, as gamers, are very fortunate for this. But, if you're like me, you like creating your own chaos, your own story, and your own experience a little more than linear games with point A to point B levels back and forth. In light of this, I've compiled a list of my favorite open-world/sandbox games."

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Psychotica2114d ago

I was hoping some great game I haven't heard of but no. The link above is broke, should be:

jizzyjones2114d ago

Mass effect 3 at 3, mass effect 2 at 2? wow id of had san andreas/red dead above them for sure.

TiberusX872114d ago

They're also missing Just Cause 2. That is honestly the most underrated open world game of this generation. It has it's faults, but not many games are that fun.

Moncole2114d ago

exploding stuff up and jumping out of a jet or standing on it is so much fun.

ian722114d ago

Yep, Just Cause 2 is very good game. Had many hours just messing around with that game. Story's not very good but the gamepley, size of map and things to do and see make up for it.

hilmart2114d ago

No Minecraft?
No San Andreas?

Terrible List.

laid2rest2114d ago

Bullshit list. People above me have already pointed out the errors.

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