Halo 3 Returns to Gamebattles

Over the past few months, petitions have sprung up on the MLG/Gamebattles forums to bring Halo 3 back to Gamebattles.

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MySwordIsHeavenly2112d ago

I'm glad at least ONE petition worked in this industry...



h311rais3r2112d ago

Dark souls pc petition worked.

heckbear2112d ago

yay a step up from the cod camp fest MlG scene

ChunkyLover532112d ago

Been a while since I suited up in Halo 3 on Gamebattles, might have to get the team back together in preparation for Halo 4.

PockyKing2112d ago

I hope it brings some of the community back from Reach to 3. Really really wanted to get into Reach's multiplayer, but it never felt like true Halo to me. Guess it was the weapons maybe? The maps? Idk haha

ChunkyLover532112d ago

I agree, I loved the Reach campaign, but the online didn't feel right to me. I didn't stay long on GB for that one.

Summons752112d ago

I agree too. Liked Reach story, the maps, forge world, but i think the armor abilities detracted me. I got into the MP when they added anni playlists. Put in Halo 3 for grins and giggles and it just felt right playing.

*sigh* why must Halo 4 be so far away