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What Metal Gear Solid 4 Turning 4 Means To Me

GamingUnion: With Metal Gear Solid 4 turning four years old last month, I decided to take a look back at one of my favorite games in my favorite game series of all time. This was the game that made many changes in my gaming and online life including buying a Play Station 3 just for this game. I also know that MGS4 meant a lot to many other fans of the series too, so expect to hear from other fans as we share what this games means to us. (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3)

ACEMANWISE  +   901d ago
I was really excited for this game too. I was blown away at the technical feats the game could accomplish at the time.
pixelsword  +   901d ago
No kidding; I still take pics when I play and look at them.

That game had some of the best moments in gaming I've played; and if you tinkered around and looked up references like I did, it was double fun, and strange as well.

Like how people had pages of strategy about defeating Crying Wolf, but all I did was go inside of the can to keep from freezing, plus hid in a corner to keep the wind off of me and to keep the scent from going from a bunch of directions (she only attacked from one direction) and I beat her the first or second time playing her on hard (or whatever level was the hardest one was when you first played, if memory serves).

Or how Raiden was such a joke that I skipped the MG game that featured him, only to be blown away from his MGS4 role. How when Ocelot almost came out of his self-hypnosis and you "got" what was going on! Figuring out Screaming Mantis, Gaining respect for Drebin (an obviously skilled fighter and very learned individual), looking at Liquid Ocelot as the actual "hero" in terms of the political aspects of the game, Big Boss, The emergence of Johnny being a real soldier and not a joke, the inner workings of the Patriots, and finally defeating Liquid on The Boss difficulty level made this game a virtual paragon.

And don't even get me started on MGO.

Piecing this game with the original Deus Ex is an interesting journey into the moral objections of Transhumanism.

This game really showed the theoretical capabilities of what the RFID was supposed to do. I always wondered why the Mark of the Beast was supposed to be so bad when it was mentioned in the Book of Revelations, but looking up various things people said about what the RFID was supposed to do (like Gene Siskel, for one) that it became clear that it was supposed to be able to control you in terms of how you felt, it could make you angry at a moment's notice, lustful at any time someone wanted you to, prevent you from saying things: for example, when Meryl was about to throw that chair but the mechanisms inside of her prevented her from staying angry while she was "on the clock". Now I know why it's also known as the digital angel, because the devil also has angels, and it's just another reference to demonic possession, with a digital twist. You give someone that kind of control, you basically surrender your free will to that entity, and can never get it back.

This game is more of an education than an adventure.
ACEMANWISE  +   901d ago
Completely agree. Both games were masterpieces in their own right. I now look forward to Watch Dogs.

Believe it or not I never got the full picture behind MGS4's PMCs and some other aspects of the game. It seemed fictional back in 2006. Now I'm starting to see the complete picture.
Pieface08  +   901d ago
It means I'm ready for 5 to drop.
ACEMANWISE  +   901d ago
I regret not being there when the MGO servers shut down. I wanted to take photos to remember the first online game I ever played.
Megaton  +   901d ago
Your comment makes me feel really old.
duplissi  +   901d ago
first online game ever played!? how old are you? mine was socom way back in i think 2002.
pixelsword  +   901d ago
Mine was Resistance: fall of man. It could have been Star Wars: Battlefront, but I was scared about breaking my PS2 after that warning came on, so I never did. Only after playing Resistance did I put in Battlefront and have a really good time.
ACEMANWISE  +   901d ago
I played video games since the 1980's. I skipped PC gaming and never went online with the Xbox or PS2. Just wasn't a big fan with competitive gaming.
Xperia_ion  +   901d ago
The game still looks damn good to this day.
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Qrphe  +   901d ago
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abzdine  +   901d ago
I love this game it's one of those that defined this generation.
Draperc  +   901d ago
I'm still waiting for the superior 1 disc no install xbox 360 version with achievements Kojima!
pixelsword  +   901d ago
Draperc  +   901d ago
Sure brings back memories doesn't it?

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pixelsword  +   901d ago
RAM-35  +   901d ago
What Metal Gear Solid 4 Turning 4 Means To Me?

get older !
Megaton  +   901d ago
It was an important moment for gaming. The end of a 20+ year-long franchise.

...until they released Peace Walker...

...and eventually release MGS5.

Really though, Peace Walker can be forgiven since it fills in a prequel gap, but I absolutely do not want another MGS taking place after 4. MGS4 was a perfect wrap-up to the franchise's story and characters. It bothers me how gaming franchises are often pounded into the dirt by unnecessary sequels. I wish more people could just end something and move on, and I often believe Kojima is forced by Konami into making those games. He's been trying to get away since MGS2, but MGS4 was the first time he really ended things. He should have ran when he had the chance.
ChunkyLover53  +   901d ago
I still haven't finished MGS4. I really enjoyed MGS3, but for some reason MGS4 was a bit of a letdown for a couple of reasons. First reason was that making Snake old was probably the worst plot device a game can use, it paints them in a corner in a big, big way.

Secondly, there were no Trophies for the game. I know it seems small, but to me it is added incentive.

Third, the cut scenes were far too numerous, I know Metal Gear games are known for them, but MGS4 was a bit too much.

Lastly, the games plot was just ridiculous. I loved Twin Snakes and I still play it, MGS1 was my first all nighter, MGS3 was an amazing game and I love the series as a whole, I even bought the HD remakes and I usually don't buy any of those.

Great franchise, but MGS4 definitely isn't the best of the bunch.
DigitalRaptor  +   901d ago
"making Snake old was probably the worst plot device a game can use, it paints them in a corner in a big, big way"

You haven't finished the game, so you can't say ANYTHING.

"there were no Trophies for the game"

Are you trolling? MGS3 didn't have them either, and if you judge games based on whether they have trophies or not, you're one of the worst kind of gamer.

"the cut scenes were far too numerous"

Maybe, but they were necessary to tie up the Snake storyline, and it's what Kojima wanted. Fans of the series still loved the story. You haven't finished it yet though, so...

"the games plot was just ridiculous"

You haven't finished the game.

"MGS4 definitely isn't the best of the bunch"

You haven't finished the game.


EDIT: "Since that time, I rarely will play a game that has no Achievement system."

Whaaa-? I feel sorry for you. You want Mr. console to pat you on the back huh?
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ChunkyLover53  +   901d ago
The Trophy thing is just a little something extra to be honest. Sure there weren't Trophies in MGS3, but there were no such things at the time. Since that time, I rarely will play a game that has no Achievement system.

I watched the ending and most of the scenes on Youtube. I was interested to see where they took it, I just wasn't a fan of the direction. MGS3 and Twin Snakes are still my favorites.

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