Remake A Link to the Past Over Majora’s Mask

ZD writes: Maintaining my opinion about remakes overall, I don’t actually really want to see either remake made too badly; this video is simply about which I would prefer since it seems inevitable that we’ll get one or the other (although in discussing my reasons why A Link to the Past would be better I did get excited about the prospect, though it could simply be done in a new game as well, which I think would be better). My overall stance on this might not be much of a surprise, but hopefully you’ll find my reasons interesting. You’re free to disagree though.

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Wizziokid1986d ago

For me personally I would like to see both done but if one was getting done before the other I'd have to say I'd want Majora’s Mask first. mainly because I never finished the game which is something I want to change.

Moncole1986d ago

Why not both? One for 3DS and one for Wii U.

carib221986d ago

zelda a link to the past would be better i agreed i really enjoyed playing that game.

MWH1985d ago

A Link to the Past is the real deal but i don't see it happen, they might as well do a new game based on it but with a different name.

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